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Trueaxe tries to push Liope over the edge
Chapter 26 The Annoyance

The following morning after breakfast Liope went to the Citadel. Lilith asked if she could go too. When they arrived Liope listened to the Security Briefing, as she was accustomed, and went upstairs with Albiana, while she sent her report. When she came back down Hecate and Uta met her and together they went into the throne room. As they entered Trueaxe struck the gong and said.

All rise and give deference to Liope, First W itch of Nirvana, Queen of Light and Darkness.

Liope walked up to him and he bowed low.

What is all this with the gong she inquired?

It’s fitting that when you enter the Throne Room that everyone ceases what they are doing and renders you the proper respect.

Where did you get that instrument, she inquired, gesturing towards the gong.

Your father Orin made it to the specifications I provided.

May I gong it asked Liope, intrigued by the sound.

As you wish said Trueaxe, handing her the striker.

The striker consisted of a wooden handle about three feet in length with an iron ball affixed to the end. Around the ball was sewn a tightly fitted thick covering of felt. The gong consisted of a bronze disk about six feet in diameter suspended by two chains and hooked into a wooden frame that both suspended it and provided a sturdy stand. Liope swung the striker and the gong resonated loudly.

All rise and give deference to Liope, First Witch of Nirvana, Queen of Light and Darkness, spoke Trueaxe once more, in a solemn voice.

Again all activity ceased and everyone was staring at Liope.

How do I go about getting everyone back to normal she inquired?

You nod your head of course…

Liope nod her chin up and down.

Not like that…pause and turn your face sideways, and then gesture with a slight sweep of your face.

How’s this… she tries again

Much better…but you are still too self conscious.

What if I don’t want them to defer to me at all, asked Liope

Why would you want that asked Trueaxe?

Because it makes me nervous to see them standing there, doing nothing, and staring at me.

What do you expect of them said Trueaxe exhasperated; they are in the presence of a Queen.

To them I will always be Liope, daughter of Orin the Smith.

If they believe that, they need to be disabused of the notion said Trueaxe.

Liope looked over at him perplexed. This is not our way in the Valley.

Then it needs to become your way… you are a Queen and the sooner you start acting like one the better.

Don’t take that tone with me, said Liope bristling. This is your way not mine.

This is the way of a sovereign behaves… I’m not making all this up. If you can’t grasp it, it’s because you’re still a bumpkin of a farm girl.


That’s what I said. It’s time you applied yourself to learning your new role. Perhaps some day you’ll master it.

I do not need your instruction on how to behave. If it requires your haughty and arrogant manner its something I‘d just as soon not learn…

Well if you won’t take instruction from me then perhaps you need a real husband for a teacher… someone worthy of the name.

Don’t go there Trueaxe, said Liope bristling

Someone needs to go there… someone needs to point out that you have become the laughing stock of the kingdom…already they jest of your loose moral behavior and carrying on with that boy along the river.

That’s a lie.

A lie? There seems to be plenty of that going around….Were you not forced to become his woman…is that a lie? And him, not even the father of your children… not that I care particularly. A good dose of the lash will shut their gossipy lips.

Lilith steps up and takes Liope’s hand. Hecate steadies and guides her into a nearby chair. Liope is still holding the gong.

I don’t need you to remind me what I am… was it not for your kind I would not find myself amid these disgraceful circumstances.

My kind, your kind, does it really matter… It does not appear that you ever needed much encouragement, sneered Tureaxe disdainfully.

Liope teetered on the edge of self control but the goading of Trueaxe was not enough… she knew in the back of her mind what he was trying to accomplish and she felt the cloud of malice that had started to form in her mind, beginning to dissipate.

This isn’t working thought Trueaxe to himself

At that moment Young Jernigan appeared down below, where the elves were assembling and spoke up.

Leave her alone…why can’t you just leave her alone!

Well fancy who just made a grand appearance…the lying weasel himself. Said Trueaxe disdainfully

Slipping behind Young, Beamer pins his arms and puts a dagger to his throat.

Maybe what she needs is a real king to teach her. A king that can master a young and foolish girl. not this snot nosed sniveling disgrace of a boy. Let me do us all a favor and put him out of the way for once and for all.

NOOOOOOO! Screams Liope. A cloud of darkness sweeps over her. She swings the gonger catching Trueaxe off guard and sending him to the ground. She moves forward menacing and steps down onto the main floor. Extending her hand the blade fly’s from Boomers hand.

You filthy little creature, she screams…you’ll pay for your threats.

Bumpkin girl he answers, I’ll deal with the boy, after I finish with you.

The elves draw together, in tight formation, shields raised.

He’s done it now says Goober got her good and ticked off.

Liope advances towards them… they are arrayed in ranks of four, four deep.

Ahhhhh she screams swinging the gonger.

Her first swing puts a dent in the shield and the line sags.

Ahhhhh she hollars…once more.

Malice flows from her like a cloud. It strikes terror into the hearts of the elves. She swings the gonger again and the center elf falls to the ground. She steps into the gap swinging and two more fall.

She’s after Beamer, she’s after Beamer… close ranks close ranks.

Give him to her….Let her have him another voice calls out

She swings again and two more fall. the formation staggers.

Beamer is on his rear end scuttling backwards when the levitates him. Drawing him into her hand she hurls him across the room. Fortunately he lands in the cistern. Gasping he tries to crawl out and she grabs hold once more slamming him into the wall. She is about to finish him off when she comes once more to her senses.

Kill him Kill him scream the sisters in delight.

Liope drops Beamer to the floor where he writhes in pain.

You cracked his ribs mother…. Cracked his ribs..,. And his pain is excruciatingly delightful.

What have I done? What have I done? Says Liope shaking her head.

You taught them a lesson, that’s what you did mother, you taught them low live Elfs a lesson.

Hecate walks up, takes Liope by the arm and guides her over to where Lilith sits despondently. Hecate lifts Lilith’s hand to Liope’s and Lilith comes back to life shaking her head.

Are you OK asks Liope?

I’m fine, how about you?

OK I guess… no I feel wonderful, better than I have in weeks.

How are the boys?

I left them shaking their heads in disbelief. They are amused by their sister’s reaction to what took place.

I know said Liope, I know.

Come, we’ll take you home.

They leave as Trueaxe gathers his elves. All but Beamer struggle to their feet. Beamer tries getting to his feet and walks gingerly holding his back.
Mookey runs up and steadies him.

Take him to the clinic Mookey and have Karla tape up his ribs.

Mookey leads Beamer off.

A pretty miserable performance on our part all in all. A woman pregnant with four in the womb, takes on my honor guard in full battle dress and sends them scittering to the four winds…what’s wrong with this picture.

It was the malice she breather out…. Covered us like a cloud. Sucked the courage right out of our limbs…next time don’t give her the gonger…looks at the dent she put in my shield.

Back at the house. Young Jernigan has Liopes hand and kisses it consolingly

Are you alright Liope?

Were you a part of this or did you just happen to wander in at exactly the right time.

Trueaxe told me to be waiting in the wings… if they couldn’t get your goat I was to run up and tell them to leave you alone.

I knew it…. The part with beamer and the knife at your throat was all a part of the act.

He could have fooled me….I wasn’t expecting that part. Then you went on a rip and I crawled under the table….You really unloaded on Beamer.

I feel sorry for him… But he played his part with such relish…. I don’t like him, but he didn’t deserve the punishment I visited.

Thirteen elves against one pregnant girl…. It’s going to be awhile before they live that one down.

Uta shows up with Mookey and Lilith.

How’s Beamer Mookey, I’m so sorry for what happened.

I’m so proud of him said Mooky he was so brave….hadn’t been for him the darkness would never have come out like it did.

Is he OK asks Liope

Three cracked ribs. Wish the rest would quit joking him… when he laughs the pain is unbearable.

I’m sorry, so sorry says Liope.

Its time we got everybody to bed says Uta; this has been a very stressful day… Lilith, if you will hug the boys its time Mookey started singing the sisters to sleep.

You should have seen your daughter Orin, swinging that gong and all. They scattered like doves in her wake… her screaming and riling at them. Did her a world of good if you ask me.

A couple more months and we’ll be getting officially married.

I can’t wait Orin… I can’t wait to be your wife.

Come here says Orin, there’s something I need to share with you.

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