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"...Maria sat on the bed, more business-like than before..."
Maria met Bob at his friend’s wild party,
They hooked up, things got hot, and eventually,
She smiled, licked her lips, and he got much closer,
Then they both gave strong vibes, and he leaned in and kissed her.

They made out for a while, both breathless and excited,
Bob smiled at Maria, seeming hopeful and delighted,
He told her about a room where they might go in the back,
Then she humbly obliged, so they went upstairs to the sack.

As they crossed the threshold and Bob closed the door,
Maria sat on the bed, more business-like than before,
She asked him a question, prior to the activity,
Whether he had thought of protection, their solemn duty…

Bob didn’t have such protection on hand,
So Maria left the room, wisely making a stand,
For young adults and teens do surrender to, inevitably,
The problems arising from a lack of responsibility.
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