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i could not find a good enough title for this poem, any suggestions.
The boom, shatter, flashing light

The pitter patter of rain on my window

Does it represent his pain

How sad he is

That after all he gives us

We still can't find happiness

solve our own problems.

If the rain represents his pain

Does the lighting and the thunder

reprsent his anger toward all of us

What could he be mad at.

Maybe it's not all, but just some of us

The ones who cause others pain

And yet I wonder does it rain, thunder, and lighting

Where they are.

Can they hear his cry

For us to do better, make the world he gave

us a better place

As the rain drops hit the window harder

But slower

I listen for the message he trys to send us all

But my ears

My poor poor ears are death to it.

Maybe his voice is in the rolling thunder

or his face mouths the words in the flashes of lighting.



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