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its a book/story im currently working on this is only the beginning! Hope you like it!
              High school! It’s a right of passage. There’s drama, drama, and more drama. Now add to that never aging after eighteen. Always being in high school! that’s life for my b brother and I.
          My name is Alec Camron. I am eighteen years old. I’m five foot eight inches tall. I have bronze hair. that’s the way its been for eighty years now!
         Me and my brother are the same. In looks that is. We are opposites in everything else. I am nice, he is mean. I use my powers for good, he uses them for “games”.
         My brother and I are immortals. We stop aging at eighteen. We see aurora, read minds, and can see into the future five to ten minuets in advance.
         That brings me to today. The first day of senior year. It’s seven forty five in the morning and I’m at school waiting for the first bell to ring at eight o’clock. Checking the future for mishaps (my brother is at school as well). I saw my brother messing around with some girl. I believe her name is Cassie. She’s pretty, but she’s just another Barbie clone! This school is filled with them. Bleach blond, big breasted, cheerleader type. I saw Stefan knock Cassie’s book’s out of her hands just as she got them out of her locker. Then I saw… NOTHING. Everything went blank. NOT GOOD
         You see when things go blank like that it means someone has died. The moment I saw her future go blank I started to run towards her locker. However I was on the top floor and her locker was on the first. Three floors laid in between. Just as I reached the bottom of the stair well I saw it happening for real. I watched as Stefan knocked her books out of her hands. that’s when I saw what happened next….Nothing. Nothing happened. Her books fell and skidded on the floor across the floor. A girl I’ve never seen before picked up her books, brushed by Stefan and handed them back to Cassie. Then she simply said “Can you show me where the office is?” Cassie being nice to the person who just saved her from being humiliated on her first day of her junior year said “sure! Hey are you new here?” That was that. The two of them just walked off twards the main office.
         Stefan was pissed! How could he have not seen this coming? Who was this girl? Why was the only thing he could think of was her eyes?
         She is perfect! Not a Barbie clone. She’s also not five foot five inches and she does not weigh one-hundred ten pounds. She is also defiantly not blond! She is slender around one-hundred twenty pounds. She is five foot seven inches. She has long brown hair which is worn in lose curls with natural light golden brown highlights. Her eyes are so blue there almost purple. Most importantly she does not think like everyone else. Her thought were pure. She was simply trying to help a stranger in need. At least I think she thinks differently. She is hard to get a read on and her aurora is almost invisible. I think I’m going to try to talk to her. Find out just why I cant get a good read on her!
         I looked for her all morning, but had no luck finding her. Finnaly  at fifth hour in lunch I saw her. She walked in with Cassie and her friends. She looked so graceful and beautiful. I started to walk up to her. I wished to ask her to sit and enjoy lunch with me.
         Stefan beat me to it. He walked up to her and her new friends. Acting like the “bad boy” he is. Looked her straight in the eyes. He wanted to will her to sit with him. However, the moment there eyes meet he stopped dead in his tracks. He could not continue. She simply smiled and said “I’m sorry, but I can’t today.” She answered the question he  had only thought to ask. How did she know?
         The only people I’ve ever herd of that can read minds and block people from there’s are witches, vampires, and of course immortals. However, I do not sence any poweres coming from her. She has intreaged my intresstes. Uncouthly for her she has also cought my brothers!
         The rest of my school day was a blur. She was not in a single class of mine. Stefan however was in to of hers after lunch. They had seventh hour which was art and they sat no where near each other. Then they had ninth hour which is English. Mrs. Urda, the senior English professor made her introduce herself.
         Standing up in front of the room. She no longer had the cool extieror she had this morning or in lunch. She was nervous. Picking at the sleeve of her shirt. She said with a very shaky voice “umm. Hi. My name is Elaina Valentine. I’m seventeen years old. This is my seventh high school I’ve been it. My family moves around a lot. I have a little sister. She is five years old and her name is Bella. I live with Bella, my aunt Sarah, and my uncle Damon. Well I think that’s enough about my past for one day.” Elaina seemed very upset by the time she got to the end. She just walked three feet in front of her and sat down hopeing no one noticed her.
         After ninth hour Stefan followed Elaina to her car. He made sure to keep a safe distance not to be seen. Just as she is about to put her key in to the lock to her 2008 mustang convertible she looked up and said “You can stop following me you know! If you have a question just ask it!”
         Stefan came around the car parked next to Elaina’s and just stared. Then he asked “Do I know you?” Stefan never forgets someone. Neither of us do and yet we both feel as if we know her from somewhere.
         “I think I would remember meeting someone as cute as you.” she winked at him, got in her car. Started the ignition and drove away without a single glance back. There it was that coolness she had when id first seen her.
         I followed her home. She lives in a beautiful home, Victorian style. Big doors, and floor length windows. I can see the inside of her house as she thinks about it. You walk in the French catherdal style front door, and walk straight in to the living room. The living room is beautiful and wide open. Followed by a beautiful dinning room. Which has a table that can seat ten. Then  into the kitchen. Any chief would die to have. It was huge, and fully stocked and had the biggest island ever! Back in the living room is a grand spiral stair case. At the top of the stairs on the left is the bathroom. Then there is Bella’s room. The last room on the left belongs to Elaina’s aunt and uncle. On the right side on top of the stairs is Elaina’s room. Big and luxurious. She has everything. A king sized bed, flat screen t.v., wii game system, and a surround sound. Elaina’s room would be heaven for any normal teenage girl. However, I get the feeling she does not like her new room or her new house. The last room was a huge play room. It is fully stocked with games, and game systems, couach, another flat screen t.v.. This  has got to be the best house in history. But if that’s the case what would Elaina be doing just sitting in her car?
         She’s just thinking. Thinking about everything that happened today. Thinking about having to go into a house she does not like and pretend it’s hers. about having to put on a fake smile when she walks in and Bella jumps up into her arms. About having to pretend again tomarrow about having never meet Stefan and Alec Camron.

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