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send part to my story! this is elainas point of view!
                                                                                ELAINA’S P.O.V
         Looking into my mirror I promised myself today would be different. I’m the new kid yet again, but this time I will not be labeled as a freak.
         I put a brush threw my hair cheeking to make sure its perfect. I look over my clothes to make sure there perfect too! I wanted to wear stelleto heals but opted to wear sneekers instead. I put on my make-up (a little eye liner and some light pink lip gloss), and started to head down stairs for breakfast.
         My aunt Sarah is the best cook ever! Today being the first day at a new school plus being my first day as a senior she wanted it to be a perfect day. She made a huge breakfast. There’s eggs, bacon, pancakes, French toast, and fresh squeezed orange juice. I smelled it before I even left my bedroom, but I knew what she cooked last night before she even cooked it.
         While walking down the stairs I sence my little sister, Bella is going to jump out at me at the bottom of the stairs. Bella loves to try to scare me, but with my powers it’s next to impossible.
         I can see thing’s before they happen. I can see swiveling colors around people. Each color means different meanings. There are more things I can do but there hard to explain.
         Just as I round the last two steeps, out comes Bella. I was ready for her and the second she was in sight I jumped at her and started tickling her.
“NO. FAIR! You cheat. I’m telling.” She tried to scream over her laughter.
“What are you going to do? Tell aunt Sarah? Go ahead!” only I already knew aunt Sarah just put her head phones in and was listening to music so Bella would not be herd.
         Bella knew I had a plan. Bella’s powers are not as strong as mine, but she does have them. “No. your cheating again. I’ll just tell on you later.” Bella had been trying to tease me while she said this. When she finished she stuck her tongue out at me and ran into the kitchen.
         Aunt Sarah turned her walkman off and sat down just as I did. We sat in silence for quite a while eating breakfast. Then I decide to ask “Aunt Sarah, how  am I getting to school today?” She did not say anything for a few minuets . Then finaly she said “Bella, be a dear and go get Elaina’s present?” Bella jumped up off her seat and ran to aunt Sarah bedroom. Bella ran back into the kitchen with a set of car keys and said “Give me a ride?” She gave me thoes irritable puppy dog eyes. “Bella, hun your sister need’s to get to school now. I’m sure she would be delighted to give you a ride.” Bella jumped off my lap, grabbed her eggs and went into the living room to watch t.v while she eats breakfast.
         “Aunt Sarah this isn’t necessary. I could always take a bus.” I just gave her a guilty look. “GO! You’ll be late if you don’t leave now.” There is no fighting with her so I grabbed the keys off the table and went out the back door. Only to stop short of the drive way.
         Sitting in my driveway was a brand new ford mustang convertible! I cant belive she did this. She is always trying to buy me off. Let me tell you most of the time I don’t mind but this is way over the line.
         I got into my brand new car and drove myself to school. I pulled into the parking lot and parked inbetween a truck and an s.u.v. Just as I put the car into park, I had a vision. They don’t happen much, but when they do….they scare the hell out of me! I see a girl. She’s a cutie, tall and blond kinda reminds me of Barbie. She was gathering books ot of her locker. I noticed I have seen this girl. She lives two houses away from me. I saw some boy walk up to her. He pushed her books out of her hands. He started saying mean thing’s then the vision stopped.
         I got out of my car and locked the doors. Just as I walk into the school I see Cassie at her locker. I started to walk over to her and then I saw the boy just as he knocked the books away from her. I was trying to stop this whole thing from occurring! However I can keep the rest from happening. I bent down and picked up her books without being noticed by the boy. I bumped into him as I walked by. I handed the books back to Cassie and said “Can you show me where the office is?” she smiled and said “Sure thing. Are you new here?”
         We talked about me and my family moving here a week ago. Then as we reached the main office she asked “when is your lunch hour?”
“fifth hour. Yours?” I responded as sweetly as I could.
“Same! You have to sit with me and my friends today!” Then she simply walked away.
         My first four classes were easy. Back in my old school I was in advance classes. My schudale consiste of…
1st. Math
2nd. Spainsh
3rd. Health
4th. Study hall
5th. Lunch
6th. History
7th. Art
8th. Chemistry
And last 9th. English
         I was walking  out of my study hall class and I saw Cassie. She called me over to her. She was with five of her friends. I cant remember a single name. I am very shy around people I don’t know.
         We entered into the caffitera and I cought a glimps of the boy from this mornig. I relized just then that I know him! His name is Stefan Camron. He has a brother named alec. I don’t look at him but I search his mind. He is going to walk up to me and try to “will” me to sit and et lunch with him. He does not remember me. However he knows theres something between us!
         Stefan, standing in front of me and my new friend’s looks deep into my eyes. He begains to attempt to “will” me. However,he cannot do it. he got lost in his mind. He is fighting to remember me, I must get away. So I simply say “I’m sorry, but I can’t today.”
         I turned away with Cassie and her friends. We walked to there usual lunch table and sat down. All I could think about is how I was dumb enough to fall right into there trap!
         The rest of my day up until ninth hour was uneventful. I did have a class with Stefan, but I was no where near him. I walked into ninth hour and handed my schudal to my teacher. Her name is mrs. Urda. She kind of scars me!
         She look’s at my schedule and just as I’m about to take my seat, Mrs. Urda say’s
“Class, today we have a new student. Elaina, would you come up here?” then she whispers to me
“Introduce yourself.”
         I stand in front of the class. I’m so nervous! “Umm. Hi. My name is Elaina Valentine. I’m seventeen years old. This is my seventh high school I’ve been it. My family moves around a lot. I have a little sister. She is five years old and her name is Bella. I live with Bella, my aunt Sarah, and my uncle Damon. Well I think that’s enough about my past for one day.” I felt like I was going to cry if I went on an y longer. I took the first seat I could find and sank down in it. In hopes no one would notice me.
         The second the bell rang I picked up my book’s and left. Not wanting to talk to anyone. I walk out the school’s front doors that lead to the parking lot. I sence Stefan is following me. I know he has question’s he want’s to ask me. I reach my car. Just as I’m about to unlock my door I decided to confront him. I look up and say “You can stop following me you know! If you have a question just ask it!”
         Stefan steps around the s.u.v that is parked next to my car. He stands the for a few moments trying to get his thoughts together.
“Do I know you?” was all he seemed to be able to say. I can not let him know the past. I have to pretend none of it happened.
“I think I would remember a cutie like you!” I winked. Got in my car and drove away. I wont let history repeat itself!
         I pull in to my driveway and turn off my car. I just sit in it thinking. Thinking about the house I now have to call home. Ya it’s big and beautiful, but I’d give it all up just to go back to the way things once were. Then I started to think about today’s events. Then about having to put a fake smile on when I walk in the house and Bella jumps into my arm’s. Then about having to pretend again tomarrow about how I don’t know Stefan and Alec Camron!

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