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by RatDog
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Grandpa's drifting away again, lost in tangled memories...
The sun feels so good on my skin, sunshine on my shoulders... that was a song once, wasn't it? I can't seem to remember who wrote it though... Its been so long since I've felt the sun, it seems like years since it's been here... Here in this beautiful little spot. I had a dog once who had a spot on his back, I named him Rocky... I wonder why I never spotted this place before?

Such a short walk, and yet so different, so peaceful here! Give peace a chance, that's what I say! Beautiful trees and flowers and birds... like lilies of the field and sparrows in the air! There is someone above the clouds who takes care of them all. Someone once told me who it was, but I seem to have forgotten... Perhaps a celestial gardener?

Such a beautiful place, I'd like to stay here forever! But I feel like it's time to leave... I'm so confused, I wish someone would let me know, should I stay or should I go? Go where? Somewhere... over a rainbow! Where white birds fly from a golden cage... It's such a beautiful day....

"Hey Billy, have you seen your grandfather?"

"Not since breakfast, Mom."

"He's probably wandered off again, can you go find him? It's almost time for lunch."

"OK, I bet he's at the park again, he always ends up there."

Written as a chapter in "Pass the Write-Baton
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