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" Your personal belief should be what it is called , Personal. Is that truth ?
          We are the light of the world, we must shine , in the dark , when in the dark you can’t see so some say they are blind , so they cross the line that God made, but you can’t see in the dark, we as Christians have the flash light that Jesus gave … sin is cool everybody’s doing it, this is me. That’s the response …How does God respond, with mercy I hope, because this world is about to perish. The world will see God’s wrath. That’s what the world will see, the only thing the world will see in the dark. In the dark you can trust anyone because when don’t know where to go, your life you will give , but how can a blind man lend a blind man, would you like to be lead by someone with the light? NO!! that’s the kind of response I expect, Ask a blind man, that has been blind for 20 years , ask him if he would like his sight some will say yes, and some will say no, , “I have been blind this long what’s the point” Jesus came to give sight through His people,(the Christians , the light of the world.) I want to keep my light! Some Christians say. What good is having a restaurant with all the food you want, what good is having a grocery store if you don’t open the door for the people?  Jesus opened the door. We have to lead them to the store so they can eat, they are blind and hungry, I been this way my whole life... So don’t you want more? Try going to another Country and refuse to eat their food that they offer, they offer out of kindness, gentleness and courtesy. How much more, God, They would be disrespected, hurt, offended, and angered, even if you didn’t like it you would continue to eat. The Holy Spirit of God if offering the food that will never perish, Eternal Life, Salvation through Jesus, ONLY, don’t be deceived...WHY,WHY. You refuse to see & eat, God is being hurt, offend and anger, but how patient is, God? Longsuffering, His desire is that no one perishes but repents and accepts His son Jesus... Yes... Don’t be deceived... Please, eat, look and see, receive. Anyone in the dark cannot lead a man in the dark, and say, come, where I lead you is truth, Question? Would you go?  Or wait there until the person with the light come, well for those that make that decision, Great there’s Hope! But for those that say OK, I don’t know where to go so, I’ll follow, hey, what can you say, they are blind, come on man I will lead you home, and lead you to a bridge and you fall to your death. Man, man if they would have waited, like the others, HEY< HEY Christians, there is some people in the dark waiting on the light God has given you through Jesus.  Let your light shine so they will not be deceived. Let you light shine, I have to, I have to, Jesus you are soooooooooooooo Good , Man,  Jesus has a lot of love, that’s what people desire the most , over Anything, think about it , everything people do or don’t do is surrounded around love. Kids not receiving love at home and they seek it at school, can’t find it in school, they can’t find it in drugs, then they try to find it in death, that’s how the enemy works , he try to use the thing you desire the most against you. HEY, HEY Christians, shine the light home 1st, the family, 2nd, then the world. The light is Love. HEY, HEY Christians, Love God with all of you, every part of you, in all you do, and also your fellow man. Yes, like I told you before they are in the dark, the light is love, the love God, you give, and they will follow. Always be prepared because when you shine light in the dark, millions will follow because they now can see but, it is very sad that there are Christians with light, people behind them, but themselves don’t want to lend no one but themselves, that’s a restaurant and grocery store that wants all the food for themselves, do not make sense in the natural but it’s  the same in the spiritual. Lead with the light, but those kinds of Christians light is getting dim and they themselves just can see, SAD!!  But those that are ready to lead, full of love, the great light. Yes, its truth from birth to teens, to old, humans are looking for Love. Love; in dancing as a baby to draw attention, the latest car, clothes, to fit in with the peers as teens, homes, cars, the opposite sex as adults’, Love, it’s a nature desire. Yes we are made in the image and likeness of God. Humans want love and desire to give it.  Men and Women. But the enemy can use this desire against you like I said before.  The enemy will bring all of those thing so you will try to find love in and everything but, Jesus, but hey, they are in the dark,
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