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"Cherished by all, with a warm breath to hold her/Trustworthy beyond"
To an excuse, he will never resort,
Caring and hopeful, and quite a good sport!
A getaway weekend, he won’t likely abort,
Dedicated to a job or career of some sort.

Minding his business and manners profoundly,
Playing hide-and-seek under a tall oak tree,
Provides help for your daughter upon skinning her knee,
And delightfully tastes your latest recipe!

Calm and responsive, a man by your shoulder,
Cherished by all, with a warm breath to hold her,
Trustworthy beyond, never tempted to scold her,
Your heart he has won, filled with love, never colder…

With such imperfection, every woman or man
Seeks understanding, and forgives when they can.
We’re all faced with goals in this limited span,
For life treats us hard due to God’s gamely plan.

Calling in sick, or reporting to duty,
But the message should never be, let’s kick some booty!
You have to do more than put food in your toot-y,
Or they’ll think you’re a nut, someone whacked out and fruity…

Celebrate patience, and find love when it’s there –
The harder you look, the more pain you will bear.
When it’s not there already, you will know by a stare –
Make some eye contact, grow up, and be fair…
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