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the future awaits
The sun was setting on the horizon as we viewed our destiny. Its agonizing heat was finally over, and for the first time in this long, long day I began to enjoy its warm adhering touch. I felt its energy wrap around me like my favorite fleece blanket did last night before this crazy ordeal begun.

It didn’t really matter which direction we were going, what really mattered was to keep walking. My purpose was now fixed on breaking the limits of the horizon and keep moving towards the infinity.  The need to get as far away from these daunting memories as possible, gave me new and much needed strength.

I breathed in deeply and held the breath while I focused on my new destiny.  I lifted my head up in a proud determined gesture, then pulled my shoulders back while viewing the future with a new lucid judgment.  Slowly and consciously I released the air out of my lungs and liberated the past in one full extended exhale.

I was now ready.

Without even looking at each other, we both automatically clasped our hands. This journey into the unknown didn’t scare me anymore since I knew I wasn’t going to be alone. I was going to be accompanied until the end, and that thought brought a smile on my face.  I squeezed his hand tightly and with all of my internal bravado I could muster, I took my first solid step towards my new life.
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