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This is about how many adults feel about how important an young persons versation is.
They aint talking about nothing--T.A.T.A.N.(a common phase used by adults that is used in a demeaning way.) Have u heard this before? I have, practically everyday. Its used by adults, to young ppl. It is used no matter how important it is. It is meant that whateva young ppl are talking about is not important and that it will not amount to nothing. I feel they are wrong. Im sure im not the only one that feels that way. I wonder if adults realize what they are talking about is NO different from what young ppl are talking about. Young ppl call their friends about the party last night. Adults call there friends about da party like night. Young ppl talk about foods that they like. Adults talk about food that they like. Adults talk about how unappreciative thier kids are and how they dont know there kids anymore. Young ppl talk about being misunderstood and about how mistreated there are. I realize how both Young ppl and Adults are similiar in converasting. Do you think WHat i have written is wrong? DO you think that Kids TREULY have nothing meaning to say?
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