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Fourth in the Chronicles. Three's not done yet.
Many lost causes and a wasted year, looks like things are done from here. High on a peak watching the horizon, Mr. Metal stands alone. The corvette beside him and the Fox far behind him, sometimes he'd rather be alone. This story of music, now a somber tone, is the simplicity of jazz to sooth a sorrowful ear, or maybe the blues is something they'd rather hear. All in all it's still the same, still the Metal Man out watching the sky, wondering how things are coming about. He sits with a love note, the anniversary card. Love Always, Your Fox. How things can change in just a day, how much one person can decay. Back to before, now maybe just a whore, but now things are back to the bleak time before. Of course with jazz and blues, there's always a lesson to be learned. For the Metal Man he stands up tall and throws the card into the wind, never to be seen again. Not by his eyes not by hers, not by a single person on this earth. Live and let die, now let love sigh as it's last breath falls from deep inside. A picture fram on the black corvette still stands tall. A saying of which he'll never forget. Some people come into your life, and end up changing your world. This is all true, not how he might have wanted, but now it rings clear as a bell. The things have changed, the past won't be forgotten, now to move on to the brighter side of hell. He climbs inside the black Corvette. Oh listen to it roar. That's true love like he's never felt before. Happiness at a sound, fear at his fingers, adrenaline flooding through his veins, he drives hard and fast, not to escape from his past, but to see what else of life remains. Good-bye my dear, we've had so much fun, things have ended right where they'd begun, you're back to your old ways, just in two days, news spreads fast throughout this place. You can't hide from him, Mr. Metal's all around, but you can wear your mask like an iron shell. Let it hide you and guide you, see if you ever find a place brighter than your own personel hell. I can't say it enough, though things have been rough, I'm always here by your side. Never stop believing in me, because I never fail, I never try to let someone down. If this makes you or breaks you, then please let me know. If you get it all then I applaud you. If you have to have it explained then I'd have to implore you to simply ask what it means. A shady rough up of cruddy rhymes is all I can put together tonight. Sorry Mr. Metal, maybe things will get better. So listen to me clear, and I'll say it for all to hear, I've learned my lesson of love and lust, I've had it taught the hard way, even when my friends tried to talk me out of it I didn't listen, but if you learn one thing from me, please let it be this. Once you've seen me, once you know me, once know every bone that goes through me, then you will know you haven't met a normal man. Don't take anything for face value, don't believe a thing someone says. Unless in your heart and in your mind you know it's right, you'll be left behind. don't let someone hold the key, don't make someone your everything, because if there's a way to shake you, to break you, to use you, or abuse you, then you bet your ass that they know how. And if you read this, you know who you are, then know that your mask won't save you now.
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