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A queery letter for the Paper Doll Gang assignment

123 writing Street
WDC Town

15th October de 2009

Shadows magazine
Editor - Mystic MenACE

Dear Mystic

“ Think… What else should our lives be but a series of beginnings….”
This inspiring phrase is the introduction to a motivating poem that questions what we should do with our lives. It emits an optimistic view while avoiding any political, religious or spiritual convictions so that readers from varied backgrounds and with different convictions can clearly empathize.

The short, 141-word poem is divided into four individual stanzas that follow the same general structure. Each paragraph begins with the same construction, and each line with the same word in order to repeat and reinforce its general message. However, the ending line has been deliberately written to breaks all the above rules and to impact the most important message to the reader, to ENJOY life.

As an avid reader of your Shadows magazine, and an active member of the Paper Gang Doll Club, I feel that this poem will be an inspiring and enjoyable piece for your next issue. I would be pleased and honoured to share this piece with all of your exceptional readers.


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Enclosed: poem “Think” by SSSAM
"Think.. what else should our lives be
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