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by open
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This is about a person realizing he's the bad guy. He is torn in between two feelings.
When you look at her, you can say her beautiful smile. But when I look into her eyes, you can see the pain she is hiding. She looks to me with disgust. She has to remorse for me. But she would never tell me. She doesnt have to because I can see the pain that she is hiding. She wishes she had never met me. You see, this story is about me and this girl. We pretty much grew up together. She likes me alot. She always have. My feelings for her is mixed. One minute, I just want to spend my whole life with her and lay down next to her and watch her fall asleep. The next minute, I want to spend a night with her and then leave her. You see, to me, shes one of those girls you do a one night stand without wanting to have a real relationship with. I can tell you about all her flaws and how much of a ''blonde'' she is, but in reality, I know ''IM'' the one with the problem. I know all I have to do is use my heart and not my eyes. But I cant, I just cant, im afraid of how ill look. I hate myself for that. And thats why I have denied myself to have her. Thats why I never give into my wants. Thats why she will always think less of me.

And thats why I AM THE VILLAN IN THE STORY....................................to be continued
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