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by open
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This is about how my dreams turn into a nightmare that never ends.
When I close my eyes, is feels so MUCH better. Evreyday is seems like I dream about you. Your smile, eyes, voice, etc. You have that Chocolate mocha type skin. Brown eyes. Your ''smile'' can cure cancer. I like you...and you like me. I can see that life cant get ANY better............But when I wake up, my dream is over. At first, I liked the idea of dreaming about you. Then we talked...and I learned that dream will never be a reality. You tell me that you are happy, you tell me dat it will never be what i dreamed us to be. My heart is crushed...............................I feel SO STUPID for entertaining the thoughts of you & me. AND everyday I entertain that thought, it will never go away. AND thats the problem. My beautiful fantasy has turned into a nightmare. I love your style, I love your, grace, I love the thought, but now I want to move on, but I cant......YOU ARE MY BEAUTIFUL NIGHTMARE......
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