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Too guys sitting around smoking too much dope but something goes very wrong..
What the hell was that?

What was what?

That noise. You didn’t hear it?

Nope. You’re just hearin’ things again Jeff. Too much dope, ya dope. Ha ha.

Screw you mate I know I heard something.

Bah. Go’n have a look then.

Nah mate, it’s too dark out.

Here, take the torch then ya wuss.

Gee thanks mate.

Ha ha. You’re such a pussy, Jeff. Just go on out there ‘n have a look see. If ya see the cops yell out will ya? Oh ‘n pass the bong over.

Whatever. Just don’t lock me out again.

Sure thing... Hey don’t slam the door like that again.

The bloody batteries are dead mate. Turn on the porch light will you... Thanks.

Ya see anythin’?... Hey... Ya see anythin’?... Hey Tom... Tom... Answer me ya wanker... Tom, if I have ta come out there... TOM!... Bah, screw ya. I’m taking ya next cone...Tom, ya hear me? I said I’m taking ya next cone... Jesus Tom, ya scared me. Why didn’t ya answer me?... Tom, ya alright? Ya lookin' a bit white. See somethin’ out there?... Oi Tom. I’m talk’n to ya...

So dark.

What was that? What was dark?... Tom ya really startin’ to freak me out here.

So very dark.

Hey, I put the porch light on for ya. What more do ya want? Look just sit down here ‘n i’ll make ya a cone... Here ya are... Tom, ya gonna smoke it or what?... Look here ya dope, I didn’t know the batteries were dead alright.

Dead. Should be dead.

Yeah I know, but I swear I didn’t know okay. Tom, look at me will ya.

It slithers. So dark.

Tom, ya been takin’ somethin' else I don’t know about? Ya really trippin' badly... Here let me take that off ya. Jesus, ya cold. Ya feel like ice. Chuck this blanket over ya... So ya gonna tell me what was out there or what?

Dark. Too dark and dead. Should be dead. It slithers inside.

Right that’s it. No more dope for ya. I’m cuttin’ ya off.

It wants inside. The warmth. So bright.

Where ya goin’ now?... Oi shut the bloody door... What the hell is that? Get that black stuff away from me Tom. Aaahhh. It’s freezin'. What the hell is it? Get it off me! It’s burnin' me. Get i... So dark. Should be dead.
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