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The opening paragraphs to Zolphin - The Zombie Dolphin. Let me know what you think.
The dolphin was unaware of the reasons that led to him swimming into the middle of the ocean... He was probably about 400 miles as the salmon swims from his home at The Grand Banks of Newfoundland... But on the other hand, he was a dolphin. He wasn’t aware of too much when it came to fine detail such as place names or geographical location, but that wasn’t the point. The point was that the dolphin was acting rather erratically at the time to say the least; his left eye had been bitten off by the zombie lobster he happened by when he was back in his stretch of the water-reeds after a nice day dancing for the things that didn’t swim well.

”Why not?” he thought to himself in the dolphin manner of clicks whistles and the burst-pulsed noise. If he went and did it he got fish for it. It’s basically the dolphin’s equivalent of a takeaway. As dolphin phrases go “Nice one” equated to “click, whistle, whistle, click”, and that’s exactly what was going through his head as he was swimming before he saw the lobsters... In general he felt lobsters had a very thuggish buzz so when he came near them he kept himself to himself. He swam off in panic a long way away from the Zombie-Lobster after his eye had been snipped off and within forty five minutes he found himself floating on his back, floating in the water, his single good eye came into focus and then back out of focus again. For a short while nothing happened. Then something did happen. The Now-Zombie-Dolphin’s tail began to thrash, all his muscles did, and the dolphin’s conscious sense of self felt like this was definitely a beginning of a newfound life... A life of blood!

The dolphin himself wasn’t too sure how he felt about this. But to be perfectly honest he didn’t really feel capable of going against this new force driving him at all. It was like watching his body go about its own new thing while the dolphins’ former self was inside. He wasn’t happy about what happened at all. But he could sense the other things “mind” within his own. It was like a bubbling in the front of the brain but the dolphin himself was behind it, it was frantic, it was mad, it was exhilarating but most of all it appeared to be fun. Now when the dolphin said fun, he meant fun in an "out of it" or a "mindless" kind of way. He couldn’t feel pain though. Technically his brain was dead, ain’t no shit gonna work properly without the brain. The Zolphin didn’t have the perceptions, unfortunately, to question this anomaly of medicine and Zombie-Studies alike so it was a bit of a waste.
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