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by Liet
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A girl has something of utmost importance, can two Centuries get to it in time? A preview
Century Snow Chapter 1 -- A Step In the Past?

in the silent forest it burnt in.
Kneeling beside it was a young girl, draped in a long midnight blue cloak that shielded her from the biting cold.
Reaching out with a delicate, pale hand she cautiously prodded the dancing flames with a stick. Little sparks that had escaped from the fire flew upwards towards the moon, illuminating her face and casting eerie shadows across it.
Her eyes were a rich, deep brown, comparable to the darkest chocolate. In contrast, her lengthy hair was so blonde that it was nearly white. Her dark eyes and light hair gave her a unique appearance, not quite strange but definitely the type of face you would remember. Troublesome strands tumbled out from the depths of her cloak, getting in her face. But that didn’t matter now.
She let out a hushed gasp.
Something had just moved in the shrubs, something big. She held her breath as the bushes shook for a moment in a flurry of snapping twigs. She only dared to let it out after the movement ended.
Pulling her legs in, she crouched even closer to her pathetic fire. She tugged her cloak comfortingly around her and tried to ignore the danger she was in.

Not too far away from the cloaked girl’s camp, two were hiding, waiting to ambush.
“Stop moving so much!”
An angry voice ordered from within the darkness.
Another voice replied “I can’t help it! I’m sorry, but this is so nerve racking being out here!”
The exasperated first person sighed and turned away from her annoying companion. She analyzed the area. They were so close to their goal, but how would they accomplish their task?
The whole situation made the girl shiver. The girl with the fire had something they needed desperately. Something that they needed to acquire at all costs.
“This isn’t a good idea.” complained the other girl. She plucked twigs and leaves from her hair as she sulked beside her friend.
The first girl turned to her. “We have to do it. Now stop chickening out and help me!”
The other girl looked away. She was shivering in fear, and in the cold. Her jacket had been destroyed into a few warmth-less scraps. Nevertheless, she pulled it around her more tightly and reiterated her argument.
“This is not a good idea.”
The first girl could see how afraid her friend was. She took off her own jacket and gave it to her.
It was ruined mostly too, but it would help keep the cold away.
“We’re doing this for her. For everyone. I’m gonna go try.” she whispered reassuringly. She hoped she sounded more convinced then she felt. And she had never been afraid before.

The girl by the fire wore a belt at her waist. On this thick strap of brown leather, a small pouch was attached.
Inside the small pouch contained something the other two needed to save the world.

The first girl carefully stood up, about to approach this girl.
The girl was one to be afraid of.
And the two had to face her. They needed to get the items before time runs out.
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