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It is about my impressions as i watched nature's varied beauty during my walk one morning.
Come January, and my city becomes helpless as fog and chilly winds play spoilsport in a big way. People prefer to remain indoors, that is, if possible, and others who do not have any other choice, hunch up under layers of woollen garments and grumble for having to brace the severity of nature.

One such morning I dared to go for a walk, which is almost my regular habit...i wanted to see how our earth is like in such a weather. Oh! What a feel i had!  What a sight!  If i did not venture out surely i would have missed a great deal! The morning mist wrapped up everything as if with a white blanket and all is invisible except a few yards away from me. I felt as if i am walking through a white smooth and fleecy fabric and could see the bare outlines of trees and poles a short distance away.

When i reached the park, i could not find any familiar faces, not a single soul even,...the park was desolate, the benches empty, the sky seemed heavy with fog and mist. The mist came down as low as to settle on the treetops ..the trees that stand erect inside the park now looked forlorn and their leaves drooping.  I could not hear any birds tweeting...caught unaware by nature's whim they also sought refuge in some cosy corner of a treehole or ground. I also missed the squirrels that scurry to and fro across my path everyday and show their skills and playfulness running up and down the trees.

Suddenly I looked at my watch..it is almost half an hour I came to the park. For me time stood still as I was bewitched by nature's charm...a veil of forgetfulness about everyday's hectic life cloaked my sensibility...I continued to walk for a few minutes more and pitied those who regularly come for a walk but could not that day..how they missed an incredible sight and experience. Then I walked back home with reluctance but surely with a pleasant feeling.
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