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Its about standing up to yourself and facing the harsh criticisms of fashion!
With the domination of fashion and demolition of pressure walls, here is my chance to prove that I am not so close to being a clueless idiot on fashion (anyone wants to tag along?).

Being a regular and die-hard Hannah Montana fan, my brain is now brimming with ‘fantabulous’ ideas for great glamorous looks (Aw c’mon, it’s about clothes people).Uh oh! Not again! When is my mom going to stop whining about ‘how and what’ I wear. Why do our moms’ frantic shrills of complaints still run chills down our spine? (Wow! Did I just rhyme them?)

My mama makes a good fashion critic. Sometimes playing along is safe, alright. But for how long? I think we need our share of fun at least until we tie the knot with our god-knows-who soul mate. So mommy, now will you excuse me coz I got some butts to kick!

So I hop out of my SUV wearing a pink floral skirt & a pink sweatshirt (it at least looked cute on Miley) and walk into a hip shopping mall. Coming through, people! Uh oh! I don’t know what conclusion to draw out of the millions or more eyeballs peeping at me (Did that woman just roll her eyes at me?). Jeez! Okay okay. Maybe it didn’t work out the way I thought it was supposed to. So what if I caught many in the act of scrutiny? No biggie because I just dared to exhibit myself either as a beauty or a geek. Whatever the outcome, it was truly a challenge for me.

Don’t you think it’s time for the telly channels to host a reality series on ‘fashion geeks or fashion goddesses?’ I might score big. I mean, why not? Give me a break guys, I’m not going to freak you out now. For instance, you Hilary Duff fans out there, do you remember her extra pounds in ‘Lizzie Mcguire”? Wow! What a transformation…from a Geek to a Goddess! Now that’s what I call the Power of Transformation. Did heaven break loose or what?!Hey hey! Miley & Hilary aren’t my role models but they are definitely a scrumptious fashion meal. Burp!! Want some?

I don’t want to retrograde out of my fashion catastrophe. Let’s say, I want to face it; thick & thin; come what may (even if it’s my mom’s you-look-like-tsunami-just-washed-over-you criticisms). It’s for a good cause (community fashion service). I want to stand out in the crowd and support all the fashion geeks out there. Define yourself…make yourself proud and most importantly, be yourself. So hit the road girls! And have a great ‘fashioned’ life!Here’s a question for you to figure out: How long are you going to stick to your ol’ blue jeans let alone your jumpers?!

Warning: Ignore the shrugging shoulders, rolling eyeballs & scrutinizing looks.

Fortune: Believe in your bedroom wardrobe mirror.
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