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noticed there arent a lot of army stuff, so heres one
California, Germany
Virginia to Tennessee
tell me, where's the harmony?
when your family's in the army

they've got that flag sailin high
everybody says its gonna be fine
oh, but we know that's a lie

we're all sittin here waitin
for some kind of information
a letter, a note, an official notification
from our loved ones in the army

gun fire in Iraq
some won't make it back
most of us deny, it's a fact

we hope, we pray
for our soldiers in harms way
begging for them to be okay
all for the brave ones in the army

out there being strong for the weak
holdin up even when they're about to break
for America, for our sake

dying to protect living to serve
taking every turn, every unexpected curve
we'll do all that we can to help those with the nerve
to be one of the heroes in the army

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