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One MUST remember!
The owl that stares within your mind is the owl that distorts the fragments of missing time
Each night its presence a hollow feeling that from its eyes sleep brings a horrid surprise
For when you wake beads of sweat roll from your body yet your sheets give up the dry coldness of nothingness.

The static howl of the day brings an underline notion that I am somewhat lost within a nameless ocean. Something is amiss are my memories broken?
Then I sit within my home and feel that I am not alone the doors are closed but the walls seem open. My rational mind out spoken to a technology that controls my deepest emotions!
So once again the night does come and my unconscious routine begins its futile song. With doors and windows I do lock and the intruder alarm set to rock, then of to bed with lights ablaze and my eyes wide open so afraid that I this grown man always try never to close them!

2:18 am the flapping sound of the owl I hear and then the lights flicker and every sound becomes the frenzied beating of my heart as my loneliness begins to depart.
I plead with my mind to stay awake!

“I need this, I need to know!”

But all I see is the speed of shadows speaking in a tongue that deprives my body to move. Then the blackness again as the morning begins!

“Sumerian owl please let me in!”

By Malcolm.E.Wheeldon
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