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About a teenage girl who's town is hit by a boom in some war.
"DON’T CRY" they say!
Why shouldn't I cry? What is it to them if I do? Their not the one that’s dying, dying Ha, me when I'm not even 16 yet. 16.

Wouldn't you cry? Would you cry if you we're going to die? Die before you turned 16. Before you'd snogged a boy in the back row of a theatre, or the front row or the middle or any.

Do you think the men that started this war; who ever they were, do you think they thought about what they were doing to the little people? The normal people, the people like me! Me who has never hurt anyone, anything, not a spider or a butterfly or an ant…… well not on prepose. Me who is dying, DYING because some shit head decided my town would be a good place to drop their dirty great bomb.

So if you don’t mind terribly, I will cry. Cry cause no one listens when I shout. So, because I can't scream and yell and kick and shout. I think then, I think I will cry.

But I'm not just crying for me because I'm not like that. Why would I just cry for myself when hundreds of children died from that bomb? And if hundreds died from that bomb, what about all the other bombs? That would mean that thousands of children didn't live to see 16th or 10th or maybe even their 5th birthdays. They never got the chance to live, to grow, to have children of their own. They are who I'm crying for most of all. See me, me at lest, I have lived for 15 years I've seen things that those kids will never see. I've lived. Although only for a short time it is longer then any of them will ever get.

Did they think those men? That a bit more land is more meaningful then the lose of so many lives, the lose of so many young lives. Do they feel guilty that they killed so many of my friends, my family, and my townspeople? Or are we just numbers, numbers of people that they don’t need to feel guilty about because they had never meet us and now. Now they never will.
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