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My insomnia makes me a bit crazy sometimes...
Insomniacs, sleep walkers,
and those who function on caffeine.
You have not slept for weeks now,
nor had one pleasant dream.

I could be bold and tell you,
just set aside the coffee pot,
But if I did I could not share with you,
my villainous like plot.

You see I have decided,
that since I cannot sleep at night,
No one should be so lucky,
as to snooze ’til morning light!

So I’m calling on my sleepless brethren,
all around the nation,
To wake the peaceful dreamers,
so they know our frustration!

Yes,  this plot is perfect,
so despicable and vile,
Hence you hear my laugh maniacal,
and see my slightly evil smile.

We should take drums and bang them,
or make the cymbals clang,
Then everyone will know that,
we insomniacs aren’t sane!

And we’ll keep them awake forever,
to endure this life of ours,
And for once they all will understand,
why we are all such sours.

But I fear now, I might not join you,
brothers I might not last,
For my coffee pot is empty,
and my cup is draining fast.

If by chance I do not make it,
and to sleep I fall,
Please forget I ever said these words,
forget I made this call.

For after all it’s not my fault,
if I rest when you cannot,
Oh no!  It seems I’ve found a moral
in my empty coffee pot.
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