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Based loosely off the legend of the Loogaroo, for a contest
The night she came to me it was storming. Thunder lit up the sky at eerily unpredictable intervals and I was walking home from my parents house clothed in a rain slicker and holding an umbrella. I saw her, unaffected by the rain and the thunder, crouched on the ground like she was counting rocks or pebbles washed up by the rainwater. She was gloriously beautiful with caramel skin and bright brown eyes. Her dark brown hair hung in wet strands around her face and I spoke to her.

“Are you okay,” I asked, unaware at this point that there was something here for me to fear. She looked up at me and I could swear her eyes glowed.

“Blood,” she said in a voice that sent chills down my spine. “He needs blood.”

“Who does,” I asked, wondering if this beautiful woman was under the influence of… something. I found myself quite unable to move and this terrified me. My pulse rate sky rocketed and I began to shiver in the cold and the wet. I had lost my umbrella.

“He needs blood. I promised him, I promised. It is my curse… my curse.” She spoke feverously. I no longer wondered if something was affecting her brain. I saw her teeth when she spoke. Her canines were sharp fangs and I was reminded of the stories my uncle (who had a terrible sense of humor and thought it great fun to terrify young children) told me when I was little. Stories about vampires who wandered the world, looking for blood to satisfy their master. The Devil.

“Why… why would he make you promise that,” I said, unable to keep my voice from shaking. It was the cold… and the fear.

“My body,” she spoke. “I gave him my body… he gave me my… ,my magic but he needs blood and I promised him.” She froze and looked at me square in the eyes. She was still amazingly beautiful but I saw the hunger in her eyes. “You,” she said as though she just now was aware of my presence. “You have blood.”

And then she came to me there in the empty street. Her fangs grew larger, sharper and she moved forward. I remained frozen and scared. I felt her fangs pierce my neck. I felt the pain and then a sucking feeling like she was draining everything I was out of two small holes in my neck. It was fitting as that’s what was happening. I felt pain and draining and then…

Then I felt nothing.
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