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Jane Austen and Emily Bronte discuss their lack of a love life and their writing.
Jane Austen had the tea and cookies all ready for Emily Bronte's visit. Jane and Emily had been good friends for quite awhile. They had met at the publishing office in London a few years back. Emily had only one novel WUTHERING HEIGHTS published and Jane had several novels published. Sadly, the ladies couldn't take credit for their writing. No author was mentioned on the cover of the books but no one else could get the credit, either. Jane sat in her favorite blue velvet winged tip back chair and there was a knock at the door. Yes. Emily was here.

The maid Nancy walked into the room with Emily. Jane stood up and embraced Emily. Emily loved Jane's three story house. It was fancy where Emily's house was more like the Earnshaw's house she had written about in WUTHERING HEIGHTS.

Jane and Emily sat down. Emily loved sitting on the love seat with the cardinals and flowers on it. Jane sit back in her blue velvet winged tipped back chair and poured Emily some tea. She then handed it to Emily.

Emily took the tea cup and smiled. "Have you written anything new?"

Jane put down her cup. "No. I think I am out of romantic ideas for a new novel. Maybe if I had a love of my own. Sadly, I will only have love in my novels."

Emily nodded. "Me, too. Heathcliff is my type.Handsome, standoffish, somewhat mean but lonely. Catherine didn't appreciate him. Edmund had money and Catherine wanted luxury. Sadly, she and Heathcliff didn't find happiness until her death."

"My Dear Emily. You are the one who controlled their fate. You wrote them and chose their destiny." Jane patted Emily's hand.

"What about you and Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy? You wrote him as a pompous ass who was selfish yet handsome, rich and love changed him thanks to Elizabeth."

"You are right, Emily Dear but If we wrote that our characters met and fell in love with no obstacles, how boring that would be? Writing is our escape and where we can find love."

Emily drank some more of her tea. "Is it safe to say that Heathcliff and Mr. Darcy are the men we would choose to marry? What about your other men in your stories?"

"They are good men. Not all but you have to add a bad man or two in the story. Emily, why didn't you give Catherine and Heathcliff a happy ending instead of having them die? Couldn't they have found happiness while they were alive? Like move away to another part of England?"

"Yes, I could have ended my story happily where no one died. My sister Charlotte thinks that Heathcliff could have lived along with Catherine's baby but have Catherine be dead and Heathcliff raising the child. She would have written him as a bitter man which he already was but I decdied that Catherine and Heathcliff should die and be together in the end. I like my story that way I love when Catherine yells "Heathcliff!" as she runs through the moors. The moors was their own personal Paradise and Heathcliff died there and he found his Catherine again. If only I was Catherine." Emily shed a tear.

Jane laughed. "Don't cry. I wish I had Mr. Darcy for my husband. He had his stubborn pride and thought the Bennetts were beneath him but he fell in love. Love changes everything. Well, Emily, my Dear we can always have Heathcliff and Mr. Darcy in our hearts, dreams and they live in our stories and imaginations. Jane lifted her tea cup. "A toast to Heathcliff and Mr. Darcy." Emily and Jane clanked their tea cups together and smiled.

Just then there was knock on the door. "Are you expecting anyone else?" asked Emily.

"No." Jane was puzzled as there was another knock on the door. "Nancy, get the door please."

Jane took another sip of her tea as Emily munched on a cookie. The knocking continued.

"Oh, for Heaven's sake. What does father pay Nancy for? I will answer the door myself."

Jane sat her tea down and went to answer the door. Jane had wore a pretty dark velvet dress with her blue velvet cameo necklace and she wasn't sure why she had over dressed today.

Jane opened the door. There was a man with dark brown hair wearing a fancy three piece suit with his pocket watch attached to his vest and wearing a top hat. He was dressed so fancy. The man was handsome and she looked into his eyes which were dark and captivating. JANE KNEW HE WHO WAS! She whispered" It can't be." She thought she was going to faint and the handsome man caught her in his arms and Jane luckily didn't faint.

Emliy came up behind Jane and she noticed the fancy dressed man. The other man was dressed in black pants with a brown shirt and red vest. He had dark black hair and he looked mean but lonely. Emily looked into his eyes and whispered: "Oh no. It can't be. Jane, we are dreaming!" Emily just about fell over as the young man broke her fall and held her.

The fancy dressed man spoke first. "Ladies, we are the men of your dreams and your pen. "I am Mr. Darcy and this man is Heathcliff. We are here because you want us here. You created us and ladies we are yours."

Jane and Emily looked at each other and the two men. Yes! They were as they had pictured. The men they had written about. The loves of their life. WHAT DO WE DO WITH THEM NOW?

Mr. Darcy embraced Jane and kissed her and Heathcliff embraced Emily and kissed her.

Jane had found her Mr. Darcy and Emliy had found her Heathcliff.

Mr. Darcy stopped kissing Jane and said" Miss Jane Austen, will you do the honor of being my wife? I do love you. You made me the man I am today."

"What about Elizabeth? You love her."

"No. You wrote that I love her. You created my life with your pen and imagination and therefore I love you. Will you marry me?"

Jane hugged Darcy. "Yes, I will marry you. I love you, too. You will never know how much."
They kissed again. Jane thought she was in Heaven.

Heathcliff looked at Emily. "Emily, will you marry me? You created me. I have a fancy house by the moors. Nellie will be our maid and Hinkley, Edward and Isabelle aren't there. It would be just us. I love you, Emily."

"I love you, too, Heathcliff. Yes, I will marry you." Heathcliff and Emily kissed. Emily felt like she was in Heaven like Jane.

Mr. Darcy took Jane's hand and said" Our carriage awaits. We are going to live at Pemberly. The Bennetts won't bother us. It will just be you and me."

"I should say good bye to my family first."

"What would you say? Your Mr. Darcy came to life and you are leaving to marry him? They would have you committed to an asylum!"

Jane nodded. "You are right. "I am ready." Jane took Darcy's hand and they went outside to the carriage.

Heathcliff extended his hand to Emily and she took it. He said: We are leaving in the same carriage. Are you ready my love?"

Emily was ready.Her sisters and family had always put her down. They weren't very nice to her. She felt she wouldn't be missed.

Darcy and Jane were seated in the carriage as were Heathcliff and Emily. The couples embraced and the carriage left but disappeared in the London fog.

At Pemberly, you will find Jane and Darcy walking along the pond and gardens. They love living in the big mansion. They are happy and they spend a lot of their time in their favorite room in the mansion expressing their love.

At the Moors, you will find Emily and Heathcliff running and Emily yelling" Heathcliff!" as he embraces her and kisses her.

Emily and Jane do visit each other from time to time.

Emily and Jane. Be careful what you write and wish for!
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