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1st part o'my Series entitled Blue Rose. It's about love above high school & teenage life.
P.O.V. of Ellie

         It was very delightful in the masquerade party inside the ballroom. It's a bit cozy outside but you can see the beautiful garden. It's quiet and dim but with the help of Christmas lights, you can see some colors of the bloomed flowers. There are lights around the trees and fence as well, but you can still barely see. The Evergreen trees inside the concrete bench-fence were glowing with the same light. Bushes were evenly distributed with the same bored color of fuchsia.

         In the garden, a very noticeable girl in white seems to be getting bored of the party, to tell the fact that her mom insisted her to join and spent two weeks to prepare and ask a famous brand of dresses to make a gown especially for her. She seems to be humming and kind of enjoying herself playing, swinging her feet back and forth as she was sitting on the high bench. She must took a bunch of energy to jump to the bench with her white flowing-comfortable looking gown and bird’s eye feather half mask that merely covers her greens behind her lid. It was really cold that the only thing that keeps her warm is her blond-brunette locks hugging her shoulders but still cold enough to make her shiver.

         Angel Gabrielle Mikelle Esemaeille Stratonsford, with her twin brother, Michael Gabriel Sagyen Ellieamese Stratonsford OR, Ellie and Lei, attended the event.
         Ellie here, the very opposite of her brother though almost look alike in physical, didn't really care about the prom. She thinks it’s stupid and boring, while her brother is inside the room, enjoying the party, jumping with those dizzying lights and hitting the dance floor in the dark with his groupies and Ellie's friends who likes him. Aside from the club music, there were programs and band too that probably, Lei's enjoying as well.

         As she was enjoying herself inside the maze garden alone, the band inside were rocking the dance floor. She can hear the three of them, the drummer, the bassist and the guitarist-slash-vocalist. She can see them through the building-height window pane. Well, the truth is that Ellie is only looking at Dylan, the guitarist. The guitarist that he adores the most, more like ‘love’, Ellie is like normal while Dylan’s a rocker with those awesome look, the lightest of the blues, the reddish black hair and his fashion line, was hired by a very serious brand name, like a total major brand. Somehow, they talk at least, and they’re like normal friends, it’s just that Ellie was too blind to see what is really going on, while Dylan was too mute to speak up. Nevertheless, they shall see and speak, or rather the other way round
Humming her favorite song while thinking deeper than the Marianas Trench, thinking if what Dylan would do if she confessed to him what she really feels about him. While the cricketing sounds are all around she continued to hum the song all over again, she will never get tired of one song of her most favorite.


“That’s so never going to happen.” Dylan said
“C’mon" Jack said "You know you want her” the drummer of the school band said in front of their round table as they finished eating.

         Though students, they were allowed not to join the Cotillion because of the deal they did with the headmaster.
“I do not” he denied for the last time, “well, ‘want’ but not need” he finally admitted
“Okay, so let’s say that you don’t need her, but why were you here, what is the reason?” Oliver joins up, the baser
“To sing” he simply said
“Liar” Jack and Oliver said in chorus, and then they fixed a ‘gimme-five-there’ gesture.
“You did not like to sing before, it was just us who pushed you for the gig” Oliver said
“Yes! That’s exactly the reason” He exclaimed
“C’mon, man, just admit it, you love her, don’t run from reality” Jack chuckled "Just do it!" he added
"Do it, do it, do it, do it" Jack and Oliver rallied
“You guys, stop, alright. I’ll do it” He stood up once, so still, not moving “...maybe later” he turned around, but before he puts another step forward, Jack stood to block him and held his shoulders and turned him back
“No, do it, right now” He guarded
“Now?” Dylan assured nervously
“Yes. Now as in now” Jack was forcing him. Dylan turned and turned back again to Jack
“I can’t do it” Dylan approached
“Yes, you can” Oliver broke his silence “C’mon dude, know you can do it” he cheered. Dylan sighed and preparing, arranging his Dolce coat, and tightening medium his matched white with two slanting black lines necktie. He turned around, facing the dance floor. They were playing electronics on radio when the band were given their breaks.
“Right, I can do it, you're right” he was very still then roaming his eyes around, “but she’s nowhere to be found” he was holding his button on the coat
“Problem” Oliver yawned
“Shoot” Jack fired up. Jack made a look around “problem solved”
“How?” Dylan and Oliver looked at Jack with a curious voice
“Sit here, wait here, and don’t go any roam, okay?” Jack eventually left the table with his mask


I know. I’m doing what is right even though it takes a risk. Jack thought, putting his mask as he made his way to the stage
“Alright people” He said in the microphone as he is toning it, as it made a sound that hurts in the ears. “Enough for the dance, time to play a little game” he roared, and people disengaged their body to their partners “okay, everybody wearing their masks?” he answered
“Yeah” crowd murmured
“Alright, I had this request, one of our students” he announced behind the mask that covers his whole face, “He wanted to find his secret love right now for a surprise” people are starting to wonder “Want to know who this lucky girl is?” Jack asked
“Yeah”, “Whoop!” people cheered
“Alright sorry dude, not as private as you were planning” Jack joked not looking at Dylan, just some random people he barely recognize, “Her name is…” he paused “really want to know?” he smirked even though people wont notice.
“Yeah” crowd again said
“Later” he cut the fun, people awed joke “don’t you want to know the catch” people again whooped, “Okay, the catch is you and your date will be a candidate for the prom king and queen automatically” and the people whooped more lively. He had this privilege because it’s a part of the deal with the headmaster
“Alright, chase is, first to find Angel Gabrielle Mikelle Esemaeille Stratonsford, y’all know her? Ellie...Will win the price, don’t take the mask off okay?” he said “Prom King and Queen” he baited people, “We’ll do this only within 5 minutes…ready?”
“Yeah!!!” people are so desperate to be the King and Queen of the night, so Jack was sure that they were be able to find her in no time
"And...umm..brother...the twin...what's his name again?" he asked the audience
"Lei" people shouted
"don't cheat" he chuckled...."Alright peepz...y'all ready?"..."go" he timed
“That was embarrassing man” Dylan knocked him in the shoulders not so hard. Jack just shrugged.
“Nice dude, you’re the man” Oliver congratulated
“That was apathetic” Dylan snapped. Jack looked around to see the busy crowd who wants to be King and Queen
“Naah, I don’t think so” he smiled and stick his tongue out when he lifts his mask but hiding his face in the dark, knowing that they were not allowed to let people see their faces, unless it is the end of the Night.

"umm...I'm Ellie" a girl in a yellow dress with black locks appeared behind Dylan...the very opposite of the real Ellie.
Behind...Dylan was making a 'no-way' face without his mask
"Nice try...Madelaine" Oliver smuggled...and she took off....with a 'how-did-you-knew-it-was-me?'
“Nice work Smith” Dylan called, standing, about to leave
“Where you going” Jack asked
“I got to get some air” he smiled even. He wasn’t wearing his mask
“Right” Jack said while looking at the exhausted Oliver who had been so quiet after the last song they had played. Oliver’s chin rested on the table, sleeping behind his mask. Dylan had his few steps when Jack made another call, “Hey, wait man” Dylan turned on him, and he tossed Dylan’s black and white mask he hasn’t been wearing around.
“Thanks” Dylan saluted, and faded in the crowd.
Jack felt something torturing his heart as he shook his head down, feeling so alone.
I’ve done my work. So far, it’s successful, successfully hurts my heart, enough to make me drunk out of love. Happiness for them, sorrow for me, though I feel happy for them, he thought.


It seemed busy inside the ballroom. Everybody is standing, talking and looking around in her view. She had no idea. She again enjoyed herself by doing the same thing, swinging her feet back and front, humming, but some other times, she roams. After all while, she’s been there all along.
Crack. She heard couple of leaves cracked, as if somebody stepped on it. She turned her head and saw someone in the dark, and hid behind the tree.
“I can still see you, you know” She raised her brow, though it’s pathetic. But the shadow won’t move. Even though she knew someone might be there, she ignored it, and stopped humming and sings a new song.
The shadow singed along with his manly voice. Instead of stopping, she continues singing with her velvet voice. And then, after a while of singing, she finally stopped
“Why?” She asked to the shadow, but not tuning her head to make her see him. She just looked down. But then the shadow didn’t answer, “Why do love exist?” she completed her question, still looking down, tipping her sandals on. “Please speak” she pleaded
“No” he said in a plain tone “It doesn’t exist, it never had” It was a guy. “It’s in our heart. It is hidden, kept inside so that only the right one can see It.” he explained complicatedly however, she understood. She wore her mask. She turned her head and saw a masked boy standing still.
“There’s no such thing as only one” she said, “Sometimes, two or more people fall for one” She said
“Yes, there’s no only one, never said that, but only the right one” he said and roamed around until he is in front of her.
Ellie looked up him, they’re not so far from each other, and they’re actually close. The guy’s hand is on his pocket, she noticed.
“Do believe in love?” Ellie had spoken
“Yes, yes I do” he paused “and I believe so, you are too”
“I do too, and I am” She said
“May I ask to know?” He chuckled
“Sorry” She disagreed
“Oh well” He come near her to sit beside, as he was on it, Ellie noticed the blues behind the eye-hole of the mask as he passed by a flash of lights.
“Blue” she whispered
“I’m sorry, what?” he asked the babble
“Your eyes” she paused “It’s blue”
“Oh, yeah, it is” he smirked
“Mine is green” she informed
“Yeah, I know” he said, looking at the people trying to be the King and Queen of the Prom.
“Really” she laughs
“Yes, really” She looked at him, with her point of view, literally, side-view. She thinks he’s cute, though she doesn’t see his face at all. “Do you know what are they doing?” he asked, still looking at the crowd wanna-be’s
Ellie traced his looks “No, not really”
“They’re looking for you” he said
“Me? Are you sure? How did you know it was me then?”
“If eyes won’t work, let your heart do the job, it worth it, I tell you” He paused for a not so long moment “Ellie” he smiled behind his mask and looked at her
“Hey!” she nudged his shoulders. He shook his head down then at the window pane. She rewinds his sentence in her mind, “If eyes won’t work, let your heart do it" she repeated without the exact words.
“I believe you know me, and I believed that, I’m in love with you” he said mysteriously. Ellie had no other reaction but shrugged, while he is waiting for her
“I love somebody else, alright, his name is Dylan” she admitted
“But I am..."
“Don’t you get it? You can’t love me” She cut his sentence off. Instead of doing something, he faced her and leaned near to her. Quickly removed his mask and kissed her, and without any thought, she kissed back with close eyes
“Why not?” he chuckled, Ellie was shocked, and couldn’t be more freaked out when she saw Dylan in front of her. She held her lips with her eyes widened behind her half-mask. She looked down, very embarrassed
“I, You know…” she stammer, “I hate you” She chuckled
“Why?” he laughed
“Because you made me look stupid” she higher her voice in a joke
“You said you love me” He changed the topic in a serious tone
“I do. Well…you said you love me too” he intertwined his fingers to her, and she just let him.
“Yes, I really do love you. Would you be my date for the rest of the night?” He asked standing, without his mask, their fingers off each other. Dylan was massaging her hands
“I would love to” she answered
“How about, will you promise to be the right one for me for the rest of our lives?”


I feel sick after doing all that help. I love her too much. I want her freedom though I want her love.
“Ollie” Jack called “I need to go home”
“Already?” Oliver was shocked but Jack merely nodded.
“I think I need to rest” He told him
“But it wasn’t the half of the program yet” He insists
“I know, I just feel sick, so… If anyone looks for me, tell them I already left, don’t tell them why” He noted
“As if somebody will ask for somebody, dude we’re on mask, remember?” Oliver reminded him.
“Yeah…Just do what I said okay, I’m leaving” He farewell and disappeared into the shadows.


“What a martyr” Oliver shrugged. He knew what was going on with the three of them, when Elli and Dylan didn’t. He knew that Jack was sacrificing to save at least his friendship with Dylan, though his love will take its risk.

To be continued...

[I'm still working on the next...hope you enjoy this!!!]



Should I tell them? Or not? It's damn confusing...Or better, shut my mouth. Oliver thought

"Sup, Ollie" Dylan greeted with his princess around his arms. Oliver nodded "Where's Jack?" Dylan asked

"He...he..." He's dead in love. Oliver shook his head down in pity. He didn't want to say it but he knew he had to. "He's turned off the party" he told them "Dylan...I think we need to talk" he confirmed looking at Ellie. Dylan traced his looks to Ellie then back to Oliver

"About what?"
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