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by TJ
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Jaime has grown up in a big city and after being expelled she is sent to Newbard
I looked into the mirror to see if I looked acceptable for my first day of school in Newbard Bell. In my opion with my straight black hair that was pulled up in a messy bun with my side fringe with the pink streak in it framing my face, my baby blue eyes framed in black eye-liner and black mascara, my small lips super glossy with my favourite pink lip gloss, the stud in my nose and the piercing in my lip, and with my black skinny jeans and tight black band shirt on, I didnt excactly look like I belonged in a town like Newbard Bell, maybe thats because I was brought here against my will by my mother and my evil stepfather, because they decided that I was a spirling out of control because i got suspened for smoking, drinking and fighting on school grounds and im only 16. The really bad thing is that they didnt plan on moving with me, no they didnt even give me a goodbye and best wishes and all that crap instead they dropped me off at this old house got my stuff out of the car and left, what great parents they are. Anyway the place they toke me to was a sort of rehab for young teenagers, but what made this place so much different from the other crap rehabs is that they treated us like normal people and expected us to go to school with the other kids in the town.
The school didnt have a uniform which was ok because that ment we could wear whatever we wanted, my counseller told me they allowed us to do this so we can express our-selfs in ways that arn't harmful to our-selfs or others. The only high school in the town was Newbard Bell High School(very original) and thats where all the kids including me now go.

I've been in Newbard Young Adult Detention Centre (NYADC) for two days and fortunatly for me, not all the kids here are head cases and some of them are ok to talk to like Bev who has short curly strawberry blonde hair with grey eyes, she is short and very thin. Then theres Micha who is tall, thin and has a really big bust, she has green eyes, short and straight reddy blonde hair and is the person to go to if you want honest advice. Next is Annie with her black hair, dark brown eyes and the black stud in her nose at first look you would think she was a goth or emo but once you got to know her you found out it was a bluff, Annie was average height and thin. Last but not least is Mary shes avearage height and super thin, with long chocalate brown hair and big brown eyes, Mary is quite but once you get her talking she doesnt stop. There are also a couple of good to talk to boys like Vic who is tall with short black hair and kinda voilent, then theres Josh who is also tall but with light brown hair and he is the biggest game nerd i've ever met, but is also Bev's love interest, next is the hottest guy in this place and also the hottest guy in the whole town-in my opinion- Nick or Ncky, Nick is tall, tan and buffed with his short hair dyed a dark purple and his tongue pierced, also he had beautiful dreamy blue-green eyes, and unlike all the other sportos he is good to talk to and i must admit i have a little cruch on him.
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