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A review template for increasing my efficiency in giving reviews.
I, Prof Moriarty do hereby swear, that the following review, provided in good faith and out of genuine concern, is entirely my personal opinion. It is my humble endeavor to be rational, encouraging, pertinent and impartial. But, if I fail in my attempt and cause you any distress, I would beg to be pardoned. As a fellow writer, I fully appreciate the time and effort that has gone into creating this item.

*FlowerR* The title :

*LeafR* Brief description:

*Ornament2R* The characters :

*GiftB* Kudos and Applause:

*Paste* I have a few humble suggestions, but please remember that you are the best judge of your writing :

*Cut*Technical, Grammar and Spelling

The following are only my personal opinions. Ultimately, you and only you can decide what works best for your story. The red sentences in red are how they currently appear in your story. The ones adjacent in black are what you may consider.

*BalloonR* Overall Impression :

*Pencil*Rating parameters

Storyline: / 5

Technical points (Language, Grammar, Flow, Spellings): / 5

Emotional Connect / Impact / Eroticism: / 5

Unputdownability: / 5

Ending: / 5

Final Rating: / 5

Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to read your submission.

Wish you all the best.

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