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...you took my hand and saw his ring on my finger …and you cried.
I wanted to stay in love with you if I can. I tried to. I tried so hard not to see or hear anything. I kept my focus on you. I fought hard to keep our memories together. It has been a battle of will. And I almost won… I almost won.

…but I never did.

People said that long distance relationships are looking for disasters. I shook my head hard. No. Ours is different. We were best friends, and our love was based on that. We thought we could withstand the distance. But we thought wrong.

…and we wanted to prove them wrong so hard.

Only to have it backfire. What went wrong, who’s to blame? I can’t blame myself entirely. God knows how hard I tried to keep my side of the relationship. But with every unanswered letter, every unanswered call, our distance grows even wider than the ocean. I hang on. But not too tight. I eventually grew tired. Slowly, I let my grip slacken until finally I let go. Because I thought you will go after me.

…but you never did.

With nothing but a blank space between us, no closure, not even a breakup, I tried to come to terms with what happened years ago. I moved on. I created a new life. I learned to laugh and love again. I am happy. And I was.

…until you returned.

Shocked as I was, I smiled at you. You smiled too. It’s like nothing happened, we’re back to being friends. Until you took my hand and saw his ring on my finger.

…and you cried.

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