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A woman recognizes her beauty after committing a terrible crime!
There she stood before the closet door mirror in awe at the beauty in the reflection. Acknowledging the bombshell that she was. She concluded her irresistibility to any man and categorized herself as a woman of all types.

The dress she sported was perfect, highlighting the properties her lean body possessed. She scrolled over her loveliness from the bottom up, wondering how he could have done what he did behind her back with another woman with a lesser showcase. She had a point to prove in her choice of clothing. She was beautiful.

Her tiny feet she had placed in jet black high-heels; a streak of bright white flashed across their shell capturing the light.

Like a pedestal, her legs of tanned gold stood in close proximity and absent of flaw, smooth as silk, one overlapping the other like crisscrossing ribbons. Ingrained in sky blue silk, the short flow finished just above her knees, draping slightly lower to the right and hugging her sensually widening stance at her thighs like a receiving blanket to a newborn devoid of creases.

The textile neatly lined her torso, tightened at her waist by a belt of the same material, black, enhancing her slender form. Strapless, the bust molded to her ample chest as though designed to her specifications. If only he could see her now.

A real pity she thought, prying herself from the mirror. Reaching over to the edge of the bed, Nat took a firm hold of the silenced firearm she placed upon it earlier. She glanced down at her, now ex-husband, sprawled across the floor, lying atop a black cherry like stain on the carpet at her feet expanding still. To think that he had survived so many of those deadly missions, taking several steps forward on the bureaucratic chain to the lucrative position he currently occupied, or did, only to be murdered by his scorned wife, twenty-seven years his younger with a memento from his spy days.

Turning back to the mirror, Nat cast a fiery stare into her own eyes peering deep into her soul now destined for Hell. She was calm and relaxed, more so than anticipated. Expecting to be overcome by nervousness and fear, disbelief in the deed she had just committed. She had not expected the emotion currently stirring within her; pleasure.

Though a smile lined Nat's face, she was somewhat disappointed in the way she felt. To feel nothing for a loved one after he had fallen despite his actions.  How could that be? There were a variety of issues throughout her young life where she felt cold or simply didn't care. She considered the possibility that she may be a sociopath, thinking only of herself. Why did he have to cheat on her?

She couldn't dwell on it any longer. It was time to move. She would tell the maids that her husband wasn't to be disturbed for the rest of the night and that she was going out. They wouldn't discover his body until morning leaving her plenty of time to catch her flight and leave the jurisdiction of justice and the consequences she now faced. Where she was headed, extradition wasn't a worry.
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