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how to break away from our human limitations
It is such a shame we are human. It is so frustrating, the notion that we are prisoners of one body and one mind, and we can never be anything but human. As far as our consciousness can conceive when our human life is done we are no more. I do not know if we will ever become something else. I do not think that if we do, we can ever understand the difference, for how could we? When we posses an entirely different body and completely new brain cells how could we still think the same way we did originally. Can a worm perceive the possibility of an afterlife for example? Can gods comprehend the need or practice the ability of human thought?

I do not want to be me. I don’t want to be anyone different of course, and I can not perceive a better way to be myself. I don’t want to be something in particular. I want to be everything, everyone at once. I want to experience everything. Not from my own perspective, but from everybody else’s. I want to feel what it is like not to be me. At the same time I want to live the experience of being with someone else. I want to feel things that I know my actual self cannot feel, like unconditional love and irrational impulses. I want to know things that my current mind cannot begin to gasp like quantum physics and conversational Chinese.
I want to slide through the bars of my prison without having to get the key, or sneak past the guards. I am afraid that if I stay in there long enough, I would never get out.
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