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A short story based on the fear and excitement of new love.
As I crept through the back alleys of London, I could feel it’s looming presence. My heart pounding with my fear, finding it’s own rhythm. I sheltered in a doorway, slowing my breath, steadying my shaking legs. Yet the shadow crawled nearer, enveloping my mind in doubt, in fear.

I began to become aware of inevitable danger. This man, no; this monster, wanted something. He wanted my child. I had worried this would happen. Solomon knew of my abilities, yet yearned for someone stronger, what better way than a soothsayer child, a prodigy.

My baby kicked inside me, as though feeling the tension seeping through my body. It was only a matter of time now.

The steps came closer, from the doorway I peered at his silhouetted face. It was Simmons, the Emperor’s most violent henchman; they knew I would not go quietly.

I prayed silently, not for my life, but for the life of my child. Perhaps he would not inherit my “talents”, he could be mine again by the time he was five. I sighed, and it was my undoing.

Simmons flinched, his body stiffening with the knowledge of my location. I could see his weight shift as he adjusted himself, preparing to pounce.

I closed my eyes. I had known this would happen. I had prepared myself for the worst, and I was ready to accept the consequences.

I wanted my last thoughts to be pleasant. I let my mind drift back to the night that had started this all; my unknown man.

My head was jerked back into reality as I heard Simmons step closer, seconds now. My eyes clenched tighter still. Had I been able to relieve the tension perhaps I would have opened my mind and seen that things would change, but the stress had overtaken, I was a prisoner to my own sense of panic.

He grabbed my head, and yet with that one touch my fears dissolved into the night. I knew these hands. I knew this touch. Firm, but gentle, he kissed me as only a lover could.

“Quickly my love, Jonathon is on the hunt,” he whispered, and I submitted to his will. Holding me close as we escaped into the night, I breathed his very essence.

He had a carriage waiting and I knew he wanted to elope. We would leave Solomon’s empire, we would have a fresh start.

This would be my new dawn. I was free again.

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