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A semi-erotic poem about a couple having a cool time!
A well-spoken couple, whose lingering eyes,
Show their bodies a-tingle, while telling no lies,
Wanting him more, she gives him the signal,
The lusting pair is set to co-mingle…

At home, he plants a kiss on her mouth,
A Civil War reunion, of North meeting South.
They let their clothes drop, and climb into bed,
Getting cozy together, with sheets overhead…

Two fluffy pillows and much hailed seeds
Give lovers their haven, for both have their needs;
Casually conversing, no reasons to hide,
A worthy repose, both loose, side by side.

Both get dressed, and she finds her way home,
Handsome, sweet cuties, a fine place to roam;
You could tell by their eyes, neither one would regret –
Those pillows and sheets make a dandy, cool set!
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