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Correct the story - Challenge # 12 for PDG
“I can’t believe you missed the triplets' birthday party. If you had been there you would have seen that they're all out of their minds.“

“I had to work. Whom did you go with?”

“Evelyn drove Margaret and me to the party.”

“How is Margaret?”

“She is well. It was good to see her. She has a new job. She works for a charity and is doing good.”

“Did the guests-of-honor get a lot of presents?”

“They got tons of stuff: money, clothes, books, toys, and food.

“Did you buy them anything?”

“Yeah. We bought Giselle an unicorn music box, Herbert a model of a '71 corvette, and Anita an easel.”

“Did they like them?”

“They thanked Margaret and me by shooting Silly String at us.”

You're kidding!”

“No. They were so excited they started screaming and running around, each with little cans of the stuff, shouting, ‘You're it!’ and trying to get it all over each other. It reminded me of your seventh birthday party, when you tried to get frosting on everyone.”

“They’re sixteen!!”

“I told you they were acting crazy.”

Then what happened?”

“They tried to figure out who was taller than whom.”

“Was Herbert taller than Giselle?”

“No, Giselle is still the tallest.”

“He called her a giraffe. It wasn’t a compliment. Then Anita called him a turtle and the Silly String came out again.”

“They complement each other.”

“They fight a lot.”

“Yes, but it’s always in fun and no one ever gets hurt.”

“And it's thoroughly fun to watch!”

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