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But who really was Muhammad (pbuh). Do we have any description surviving from his time?
Many people world over are sending their entries of drawings of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Surely none of them have seen him as he passed away many centuries ago.

So based on what are they drawing him? Pure imagination? Imagination fueled by hatred? Has any one of them ever read about him (May Allah's peace and blessings be upon him) through authentic sources to understand how he looked like?

Do they know that the best description of The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was given by Umm Mabad. According to Ibn Katheer author of the famous exegeis her description of the Prophet (peace be upon him) is well known and related by many chains of narrators.

She said about the Prophet (peace be upon him), "I saw a man who was patently handsome and whose face was radiant; and he had good manners. He was not skinny or emaciated, and he can overall be described as being handsome. His eyes were Da'aj (i.e., the black part of eyes was extremely black, and white part of them  was extremely white), and his eyelashes were long. His voice was not strident, his neck was long, and his beard was thick.His hairs of his eyebrows were thin and long, and both eyebrows were joined together. If he remained selent, then there was a sense of dignity about him; and if he spoke he would be covered by beauty and radiance. Seen at a distance, he is the most handsome and magnificent of people. And from up close, he is sweetest and best of people. His speech is sweet and positvely true; he speaks moderately, neither too much nor too little. He is of medium height; neither he is taller than most people nor is he so short as to be disparaged (for being short)... He does not frown, and he is certainly not in the least linked to ignorance.'

This is just a physical description of the Prophet (peace be upon him) whom we muslims love. So are the artists who are depicting him (peace be upon him) fair when they draw him in most obsecene manner imaginable.

I love my last Prophet (peace be upon him) and I pray to Allah to let good sense prevail. Ameen!
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