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A tale of love, life, and heartbreak.
The day we met, so long ago,
We talked and talked, hearts heavy and low.
Time spent with you, I felt happy and high,
The look in your eyes promised you could fly.

Days passed quickly, our hearts grew near.
We were so strong; we had no fear.
Kisses and touches, so soft and carefree,
Vows of love exchanged between you and me.

Remember the evening we made love by the river?
Just laying there in your arms made me shiver.
Your moans so loud and my breathy sighs
At the feel of your body between my thighs.

There was the moment I learned that you cheated,
And never before had my cheeks felt so heated.
I would take you back in the end.
How could I live without my dearest friend?

The day you proposed was the best of my life,
Like we carved out perfection with the blade of a knife.
After all of the pain and pleasure we went through,
We could be sure we'd carry on, too.

Together forever--it's all I hoped for.
Imagine my surprise outside your door,
When I heard your voice and hers so loud,
My perfect world went under a raincloud.

I will make sure that you will regret
Abandoning the things that you had seemed to forget.
I will make you wish that you had never strayed,
Lay down my life and pick up my blade.

Over and over, I open a vein.
Again and again, I tremble in pain.
Tonight, sweet love, we dance our last dance.
This time there will be no second chance.
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