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a man in loses his wife for her duty as a daughter of the sun god
It was early in the morning when Laura and Keith decided to go out, to watch the sunrise together it had been a long time since they shared such a wonderful moment.

Keith decided to take Laura to the beach to watch the sunrise, to see the sun coming out of the water, to use the chance of seeing the golden eyes shine on them. Just like on their wedding day, they were blessed by the golden rays. Everyone in their wedding was amazed by the scene.

When the sun started to rise, the two of them looked at each other. Their reflection in each other eyes was replaced by the sun rays. They kept on staring at each other when Keith realized that Laura’s skin was shining.

Keith didn’t give it that much attention and he started touching Laura’s face. Laura was so lost in the warmth of the sun, she didn’t feel Keith’s touch and he knew it.

“Laura is something wrong?” asked Keith with a warm voice, and his eyes directed to her face trying to find his reflection in her eyes.

“Keith, let me enjoy the sun rays on my skin, I feel like I belong here.” Laura said without emotion.

Keith with a confused voice and trying to make a conversation, “Lost in the sunrise I never noticed that your skin is shining.”

Laura started looking at Keith with confusion, “I got something to tell you, but please remember I love you.”

“Laura I will never forget that! What is it honey?”

“Keith, I am the Daughter of Aten, the sun god.”

Keith interrupted, “From Egyptian mythology!”

“It’s not a mythology, my father is real and he wants to meet me.” Anger appeared in Laura’s eyes.

“Honey I think you need to rest.” Keith said with a calm voice to comfort her.

Laura’s blue eyes turned to golden yellow, and her blond hair started to glow, and her hands changed to wings and she flew towards the end of the sea and the sun disc to meet her father. 

Keith was stunned; he kept staring until he was startled by a sound, coming directly from the sun itself. “Thank you, young man," a deep voice resonated “For looking after my daughter, Beketaten. Now it is her time to spend the rest of her life with me.”

And Keith was left without hope on that beach.

Word count: 399

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