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My memories of when I was in Cairo.
         “So David, did you go traveling over summer vacation?” Mrs. Snider asked, as she had asked the 22 students before me.  I had been traveling, in fact – to Cairo.  But it wasn’t something I could just talk about openly - if I did, I would be assassinated.
“Yes, Mrs. Snider.  I went to Cairo, Egypt.” I replied
“Oh, how exciting! Did you see any pyramids?”
“Yep.  I saw two.  The first one was kind of small, but the second was one of the biggest things I’ve ever seen.” With that, she dropped questioning me and continued onto another student.  But her mentioning it brought my attention to the past; causing me to drift away into my memories of the last time I was in Cairo.

         It had started out as a normal family trip - Sightseeing, dining out, playing cards - the usual.  But things started getting weird when dad’s cousin came to visit us in our hotel room.  After he left cats started showing up.  Now, mind you, I love cats.  But hundreds of them at once, appearing out of nowhere? Even I’d freak out.  But the cats weren’t even the worst part.  Whenever we left the room we were followed.  By who, we didn’t know.  All we did know was that they followed us everywhere.  We had no time to ourselves.  We tried to trick him into revealing himself a few times, but to no avail.  We were soon forced to stay inside the hotel room, ordering out to eat, abandoning any sightseeing plans we had.  But, being the kind of guy I am, had to escape and wander. 
         When everyone else was asleep I quietly opened the door and snuck out, heading to the nearest pyramid.  I crept past the guards into the open door and walked into the hallway depicting the line of Pharaohs.  My dad had forbid my sister and I from coming to this hallway, but it was just too tempting.  I went to the last portrait in the hallway and saw something that shouldn’t have been possible – an exact depiction of my father.  Now, I know my dad’s old, but 2000 years old? Impossible!  But if it was true, that meant I was royalty.  It could explain the guys following us.  Why hadn’t our dad told us?  I was too engrossed in my thoughts to notice the light footsteps behind me, realizing it was too late when the man’s hand was upon my shoulder.  I turned around and saw a man dressed in complete black, showing only his mouth.  ‘This was the guy who was tailing us’ I thought to myself.  I turned towards the door, ready to run, but his hand firmly gripped my shoulder, allowing no room to escape.
“Do not be afraid.  I do not wish to harm you.  I only wish to serve the True King.  Allow me to lead you to your throne.” The man said in a deep, mellow voice.  He touched his hand to the wall, saying something I couldn’t quite hear, and suddenly a door appeared, revealing a small set of stairs going up.  He pushed me into the front, and having no other choice, I went up.  When the stairs stopped, I noticed a large chair – something that could only be called a throne.  It was adorned with glistening jewels, the size of which could rival a small dog.  Next to it was a tall scepter, capped with a glowing eagle.

“Sire, take your place as the rightful King, and wield your scepter to bring thousands of years of peace to the world”
         I knew this sounded crazy, but all of it happened.  I had no option – I sat in the chair and grabbed the staff, completely confused, but nothing happened.  I looked towards the man in black, and he had the same face as he did moments ago.
“I understand, Sire – you are not ready to take control of the world.  When you mature, that is turn to the human age of 16, you will return here and claim your throne once more, ushering the war torn world into a world of the utmost serenity.  Now, master, sleep.”
The man waved his hand towards me, and I dropped where I was – completely asleep.
         When I woke up the next morning, I was inside of the hotel room in my bed, as if nothing happened.  I thought it was a dream, but I looked at my hand and saw an image of the glowing eagle etched upon it.  None of that mattered at the moment, thought, because it was time – time to leave this place and return home.  We packed our things and headed towards the airport, ready to return home.  Summer flew by, and before I knew it, school time appeared.
         This is where I am presently, during the school day – during my birthday.  I turn 16 today, finally.  But I had a feeling deep in my gut, something that wouldn’t go away.  I swiveled my head towards the window, and what I saw shattered my world forever – the man in black was in front of my school.  But instead of the stoic face I saw him with when I was in Cairo, he was smiling – it was time for his King to return.

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