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this is my prologue, its all I've got, its a bit Dark fictionish.
“No” I Screamed through the trees “No I Will not!” I Didn’t care who heard now. It was too late for me anyway.
“Come get me” I taunted thrashing out at the trees around me. “Come get me, now!”
Suddenly, I hear people running through the hazy growth, running towards me. Finally. One of them, a tall Viking boy, sprinted at me. He had a girl behind him, she was probably his twin.
“Wait, no!” she gasped, moments before he grabbed me and launched himself into the air, grabbing onto a tree and holding me against his chest, as people sprinted past, I caught snatches of their conversation.
“She was just here” one claimed
“I can’t track her” another roared at the short girl
“Guys, shut up, she’s near, we just need to-” I didn’t hear the rest.

We fell to the ground. Tangled in branches, he laughed and picked me up. I snarled and rejected his hand, staring at it like it was made of something radioactive and incredibly toxic.
More people came into the small clearing we were in, they crept in, looking at me with a weird look of raw horror and awe, they were Amazed. For some reason. A short girl – 5,2 roughly – With red hair that swept around her head in elegant, deliberate, tangles. She raised her eyebrows.
“This, is why, we are out here.” Her clear voice rang through the clearing, hitting the trees and stopping. She turned her nose up at me. “I don’t like reinen,” she whined “there horrible, dangerous too.”
“She will grow on you, Crven” the blonde Girl claimed. “they always do, I Mean, look at me and Aska”
Aska. I Knew what that meant, it was Swedish For Ash. The boy was called Ash, the one that ‘ saved’ me. I Had grown up In England, but knew many languages, I had been around for a while.
“me dont halua tätä” Another tall boy spoke in a strange language. He had brown hair and gently brown eyes. I didn’t understand a word of what he was saying. The girl called Crven must have realised.
“the girl doesn’t speak Finnish!” Crven screamed. “Speak English”
The boy sighed “Sorry, I said” he smiled apologetically at me “We don’t want this.”
“And who is we?” Ash snapped
“Me and Joule” he smiled shyly, Putting his arm around a girl of equal height to him, she had black-blue hair and even darker blue eyes. She grinned at me, and mouthed, sorry Reinen, Jack speaks his mind too often, without filters.
“Err,” I grumbled “Im here, all 6 feet of blonde brilliance”
“she’s stuck up too,” Someone muttered.
“No way your six foot,” Ash teased, “Your too small”
I smiled warily “Are you going to kidnap me, or do you not care why I was screaming in the middle of the forest at three in the morning and are going to leave me to get back to my business”
“Were gonna leave you” Jack said sarcastically. Crven Glared daggers at him.
“Alright” her calm, nonchalant tone reached me “Grab her, she’s bounty, and ours” Crven grinned. The pack started to close in, I backed away, my back hitting ash.
“Sorry, Reinen” He murmured, wrapping his arms around my waist and securing his hold.
“My names Katelyn” I Hissed, poking him with my bony elbows. It didn’t affect him, he just chuckled.
“Well Kait, im sorry then”
I Sobbed as I was hit over the head. They didn’t know that I was still conscious. So as they carried me through the woods, I knew where we were, and how to get home.

These Vampires Didn’t stand a chance....
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