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Andrea knows there's magic in Zephyr Cove. But she doesn't see that her fiance is an elf.
299 words

Andrea wiggled her toes, her feet sinking further into the sand as the waves fell against the shore. The little beach at Zephyr Cove had everything she and Saul could ever want for a dream home. When Saul had first brought her here four years ago, she’d been able to sense the magic about this place, and she kept expecting to see elves or nymphs or some other fantastic creature appear. But so far all she had seen were other vacationers and fireflies. Still, she kept hoping. Sometimes she would sneak out of her bedroom in the middle of the night to stand at the glass back doors and watch for even a mermaid that might come out only at night because there were fewer people to see her. But again, only fireflies. But she wouldn’t give up.

The ringing sound of hammer striking metal brought her out of her reverie. Turning her gaze down the beach, she spotted Saul assisting their neighbors, Keith and JoAnne McLean, in mending their motorboat that had been damaged in the most recent big storm. The moment it was deemed seaworthy, Andrea, Saul, the McLean’s and their two boys would head out onto the water to celebrate. Laughter floated her way from the boat and she found herself drawn toward it.

*ButterflyB* *Sun* *ButterflyB* *Sun* *ButterflyB*

Keith heard Andrea’s yell as she approached the boat. “Saul, you’ve brought her here for four years and she still hasn’t figured it out. Why don’t you just tell her you’re the elf prince she’s been dreaming about and get it over with?”

“I’m going to,” Saul replied. “I’ll show her tonight.”

The wind blew Andrea’s long black hair back to show the pointed ears. “Look at that,” Keith pointed out. “She doesn’t even realize that she has elf blood herself.”
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