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by JARuiz
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Peace can be achieved through action

Are vital to some, but useless to none
The mythical healing powers of such tiny drips
Oh how they can overpower any feud and bring families and lovers closer
If a single tear is all it takes for everyone to love
I have shed enough tears for the whole world to love for thirty lifetimes
Is it so wrong to be so sensitive?
Am I other than a man because I let people see my flaws?
I always believed that all men and women had problems
To me it does not matter I will admit that I stand broken
With God as my witness and the hearer of my cries
He hears me and leaves me wondering
What kind of tears must I shed for the peace of the world?
Why is it that we all hate in times of peace but stand together in war?
Can we just give chance for happiness?
It is the goal of all who seek it so why is it so difficult?
I seek the peace but wish to run out the hatred
Who will dare take a stand with my and live with me in peace?
Will anyone take a stand as I have for personal beliefs in peace?
Or are we all bound to b integrated with the rest of modern day society?
The choice is ours and we will make the future what we wish for it to be
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