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I gave you my all & yet you're gone
In your eyes I saw forever
In your arms I felt complete
It’s been years since we’ve drifted
And yet I still could feel the fever
Burning my nights like I am on fire

You were the only one I allowed inside
You were the only one I was devoted to
You were the only one that melted through
You whispered forever in my ears
When you brought love through

Only with your touch I could feel my unborn lives
Wrapped around your love I felt comfort
I felt strong
I felt belong
I felt needed
I felt alive
To only you I gave my whole life to

Blind desires started building up
Enveloping the light
That you’ve brought through
I felt scared
I was afraid
I felt fear
Singing in my ear

Fear of losing you
I tried to fight
I tried to run
I tried to scream
I held you tight
I guard your night
I fought my pride
With Thoughts Win I might

You looked into my eyes
You saw no light
You saw no passion
You saw no love
Its all covered by my biggest fear
The fear I felt that you couldn’t hear
Wishing always you were near
The fears blocked all my senses
I have no more defenses
I lost all my races
And you saw no more aces

And you drift
And I ran, And I fell
And it felt like hell
Only if you knew
The battle I lost
Was only because I was afraid
Of losing you
And then painfully I really lost YOU

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