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...Dea, wakes up in a incredibly strange place...

I gasp, coming back from the dark place I was in, where am I? I ask myself, as I cautiously get to my feet. I groan as a migraine overwhelms me, millions on tiny pinpricks hammering into my head. Someone yells in the distance, I smell something, a thick scent that fills my nostrils and brings tears to my eyes. Smoke. I cough, lungs filled with black smoke, and my eyes dart around the room, looking for escape. There’s no way out. Then I caught another scent, diesel, it coated my clothes and my hair. This fire was no accident, someone wanted to kill me. I heard more yells, more screaming. I panicked, and when I panic, I go numb. All of the sudden, the smoke wasn’t constricting me, and I couldn’t hear the screams surrounding me. The horrible screams of children. All I can think of is those screams, and the door. The door, how could I be so stupid. Rushing over to the door, I wrench it open, melanoid smoke is everywhere. I leap to the floor, to avoid the worst of the smoke, and crawl in the opposite direction of the fire. I couldn’t go on for very long, the heat was burning my back, the smoke filling my lungs to the point where I could hardly breath let alone move.
Before I collapse, I glance around the room, vision hazy and smoke shrouding the room, allowing me only glances; I see my hand stretched out in front of me. I feel the heat on my back increase as the fire gets closer. The screams are gone, everything’s silent, apart from the cooling sound of the fire, getting closer. Now, I am not afraid, the fire can engulf me, but I won’t care. Because I did what I came to earth to do, even if they locked me up for it. A smile played on my lips, Vire Pocetak, burning to death. That was rich. Suddenly, someone appeared through the smoke and raised a eyebrow at me.
“Am I too early Dea?”
“What,” I tried to say, but only a harsh croak came out of my mouth.
He smiled “Lets get you home Dea”
I was seriously annoyed, for one, my Italian was incredibly bad, so I had no idea what he was saying, I just knew it was Italian, and probably a insult. Also, this boy seemed unaffected by the smoke that swirled around him, partially concealing his face.
As he reached down to grab me and encircle me in his arms, I saw his eyes, and blacked out.
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