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A girl with leukemia is told her kidneys are failing, what will happen now?
'I'm so sorry but you have leukemia’ I remember these frightful words. I felt like my life had drained from my body. I cried all night and the next day. Mum could do nothing to help me except keep food down me.

‘Why would you bother?’ I shouted at Mum when she gave me dinner. It was the day I had to have chemotherapy; my hair had been thick and now there wasn’t much left of it on my head.

‘Mum, think of all the food your wasting, its not going to keep me alive. You cant keep me here forever’ I was sitting on my bed bawling my eyes out. Mum was on my bed trying to hug me, there’s was nothing else but to love me.

One day my grandmother past away. This time I was the one loving her. I knew then I didn’t want Mum have to deal with my death, if I died she’d sit on her bed all night and cry alone, I was determined to survive. For two months my results in my weekly check-ups were doing well, the chemo was working. When I went to the next check-up the tests turned out not so good. Mum was taken off into another room by Doctor Hassid, are doctor. When she came out her face was red and wet. I knew the news was bad. Doctor Hassid cleared his throat. ‘Im so sorry Leanne but your kidneys have failed us. Since your blood type is AB- it is very hard for us to find you a kidney donor, I’m afraid there is not much we can do’ I knew it was coming, one small tear slowly fell down from my eye, past my nose and curled around my chin. Mum came and hugged me, both our clothes became damp, Doctor Hassid left us.

A couple of weeks later I looked ghostly, pale and weak as ever. I was lying in bed and Mum was cross-stitching beside me, she was stitching a little picture of me, she said when she finished it, she’d frame it. After a long silence I asked, ‘Mum? What happens after you die?’ Mum looked up.

‘No one knows for sure, people have different beliefs.’ She continued cross-stitching. ‘What do you think?’ I asked with the bit of energy I had left. Mum stopped and answered, ‘I think that before you get to heaven you have a wonderful dream. A dream where you see all the good things that happened in your life and when it gets to the end you make your way up to heaven.’ I noticed Mum was crying. ‘It sounds lovely’ I said as I slowly closed my eyes.

Mum was right. I had a wonderful dream, watching when I learnt to speak to when I got my licence, when it ended I was an angel. I know that I’ll always watch over her until she dies too, and has that lovely dream.
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