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A beginning of a book???
The rampage began. The blood squirted and dripped from all the lifeless humans from every view my eye could see. As the speed of the bullet pelted through his head, I felt the ground shake as he was knocked backwards and left earth. I stared in shock. Not so long ago the streets were full of laughing, squealing and grins. Kids playing around and screaming wtih joy and now they are screaming with fear. The only thing I could see cleary see was red. Blood. The three men ran through the streets shooting anyone who dared moved. Already half the police force were dead and the reinforcements were late so it was everyman for himself.

I was watching with a close eye, with horror, from my apartment window thinking that I was safe up here, but I was clearly wrong. I heard a large bang from downstairs, one single shot, probably through a head of a human. The was no shout just a crash as the person fell to the ground. I turned to face my door, waiting for my turn. It was silent except for the drops of blood falling from the walls as more and more people got struck with death. My turn was near and I was waiting, and they finally reached my door. I was waiting looking out from the window.
"Hello" I gravely said, with a slight curve to my mouth. It was three against one, you can guess who will win this fight, definately not the person on their own.
"No one to protect ya now missy" the hairiest one muttered, with spit flying out with each word. He was right, they'd killed all my men.
"I guess your right" I simply answered. I wasnt going to fight back. The man next to the hairiest one pulled a gun out and held it towards me, the coldness of the steel barrel pressing against my head.
"Before I leave you I must thank-you" I saw the men pull confused faces. Of course they didn't understand!
"No smart talk missy!" the hairy one muttered. I heard the clear click of the trigger, who knew how much longer I had of this earth. There was no escape, one man was guarding the door and to jump out the window? It was only another invitation to death. I smiled. Thinking about Sam, his last few moments before he left this earth, which I shall do in a few moments.
"Bye" I just managed to get out before I fell back with a hole in my forehead where the gun used to be. I tried to open my eyes, the pain was horrendous , excruitiating. My eyes slitted revealing a golden, bright light. I knew where I was, I was near Sam, I could hear him. The place I was at now had no evil men, no blood, no fighting and no guns. Just my lovely Sam. My Sam. The one reason I had given up and wanted to die. To be with him.

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