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Poetry, a real art form

                                                              "Art, an Expression of the Heart"

                                        Writing is a joy, a joy to be enjoyed.
                                        Yes, writing is an expression of the heart; a demonstration of art.
                                        Art comes from the heart, a reaching out of a human kind
                                        To express what's inside, that I normally hide.

                                        It's my way to reach out to others like me.
                                        They read, or gaze as my art strikes out to touch their heart.
                                        Is my expression of art only my thought?

                                        Those stuck in their own style that read, but do not see.
                                        Quick to criticize, to arrogant to understand, it's still art.
                                        Hidden though it may be it's there, waiting to be recognized.
                                        For art is art only in the eye of the beholder.

                                        So be not discouraged just start, write, sculpt, and paint.
                                        Art is an expression of the heart expressed for the beholder.
                                        Common to few, a feeling shared, like a chord struck heard by some, but not all.
                                        From within, not shallow, but deep.
                                        There are thoughts and feelings that come from inside me now shared,
                                        no longer hidden in me.

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