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Take from the rich and give to the unproductive.
A young blackman seeking the presidencey
spoke to thousands. A voice promising change
shouted "YES WE CAN".
His personality was so captivating,
like the sound of the pied piper calling.

People were unaware of his intent as he spoke
just left of center, It was his time.

The liberal press made him their champion.
He was calling to a generation of people
educated by radical liberal ideas,
ideas untested with no foundation.
He was the most liberal member in congress;
his record was there for all to see.

The politically weak shouted the new mantra
"YES WE CAN" "YES WE CAN" over and over again.
It was about time a person of color was voted into the great office,
yes the most powerful position in the world.
The young blackman's campaign was brilliant,
he spoke just left of center.

Those that gave their support didn't want to challenge this youngman's background.
They didn't care who the candidate had surrounded himself with in the past.
They closed their eyes to his radical background.
Now this youngman with the far left progressive ideology
is the most powerful man in the world.

Now to business we must act;
to save this great country is our task.
There are companies to save, and save them we must.
They are much to big to fail,
hurry now there is no time to read the bill, don't dither just vote.
Billions we'll spend so the country can mend.
Don't hesitate, come on we can't wait, put on the pork and let's vote.

Save us O Lord, our country is at risk.
The worst of the worst is now in control.
How much damage can our new leader do?
Is there no way to stop this madness, before its too late?
How can it be that one who campaigned from the center
could do so much damage in so little time?

Now our great country is divided
and our leaders go against our will,
yes the will of "WE THE PEOPLE".
How could this be?
Where are the checks and balances?

We must educate the masses, there is too much at stake, to let the ignorant vote.
This country can be taken down in one presidential cycle, and the Democrats are proving that.

Is this really the change you voted for?

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