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here is my first chapter to my short story. the name of this chapter is A VISIT FROM HELL.
It was a stormy  night in the town of west point and Emerald was fast asleep.Suddenly there was a loud noise, Emerald jumped up and went to see what the problem was, when he got to the stairs he saw a man standing at the end of the stairs."Who are you and why are you in my house?" asked Emerald.

"I'm the angel of death, but you can call me Ruin."

Emerald started to walk down the stairs when in a flash of light Ruin was gone. Emerald thought to himself, why the angel of death would be visiting him. He then walked back up the steps and went to sleep. The next morning he woke up to the horrific screams of his girlfriend. Emerald came dashing down the stairs and ran into the kitchen almost knocking down Khaos."Whats wrong? Are you ok?" Emerald panted.

" I walked in to the house a few minutes ago and when I came in a guy in a black hooded robe was standing directly at the end of the stairs, and when I asked him who he was he said Ruin then a flash of light came and he was gone." Khaos screeched.

" Funny, I saw the same person last night he said he was the angel of death, but what would he want with us?" Emerald said.

"I don't know, but what ever he wanted has to be important." Khaos said.

" If he wants us then he can talk to us." Emerald exclaimed. Later that night Emerald and Khaos went to his house, when they got into the doorway Ruin was standing at the end of the stairs.

" Hello Emerald and Khaos sit down and drink some tea I have been expecting you." Ruin uttered.

" Ok, why are you here, and what do you want from us?" Emerald screamed as he slammed the door behind them.

" I'm here to warn you and Khaos, your in very very grave danger your lives depend on it." Ruin exclaimed.

" Ok, so how are we in danger, we have no enemies and everybody likes us?" Asked Khaos.

" lets start with what is after you shall we, have you ever heard of vampires, werewolves, perfects, angelics, and immortals?" Ruin asked.

" I have heard of all of them except angelics and perfects, but what do mythological beings have to do with us being in danger?" Emerald asked.

" Well there is going to be some people going after you and Khaos." Ruin explained.

" Why are they coming after us? We didn't do anything to them." Khaos asked.

" Because you and Emerald have a gift. Niether you nor Emerald can die, and you can absorb energy basically giving you eternal life." Ruin said.

" And why do these beings want to hurt us?" Emerald asked.

" Not all the beings want to hurt you the good guys are the perfects and some vampires and a fraction of the immortals. The others dont want to kill you they want to take control of you and the only way they can do that is by you using your powers to absorb them. To them your gods because you never die." Ruin explained.

Before Emerald or Khaos could say anything to the angel of death the door broke open and a group of people came into the house all dressed in robes.

" Hello Emerald and Khaos, o and not to mention Ruin. How are you guys doing I'm Drawde the creater of the Angelics and well we are here to take your powers.
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