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Rated: E · Poetry · Children's · #1697058
About a stray cat, a silly dog, and two people. Winner September 5 star poetry contest
      "Boots of Bellfonte"

A very nice man, and a pretty woman, 
would walk by my porch every day.
They tried to keep up, with a cute little pup,
as he dragged them along the way.

I'd sit on the porch, of this now vacant house,
confused how I got left behind,
And those two kind people, would both wave and smile,
as their dog would hurry them by.

He wanted that squirrel, he watched everyday,
scurry up that telephone pole.
I'd grin to himself, as that cute little pup,
spun round like it slipped down a hole.

I could have walked over, and told him, "look up",
But there wasn't much I could say. 
So I quietly watched, the comedy unfold,
They'd yell, "Sammy, he went that way."

One day I waited for them all to come by, 
with little Sammy leading the way,
T'was the day I would tell them, just who am I, 
if I could remember my name.

I sat and looked, toward the top of the street,
"they should be here any minute."
But my stomach growled so, from nothing to eat,
it was days since food was in it.

Just then he appeared; a much familiar face,
in a car I had seen before.
So I walked myself over, across the street,
as he opened up the car door.

He called out to me, in a silly shrill voice.
"Hey Bootsey, here’s something for you."
And he shook a bag, and it made lots of noise,
Containing something good, I  knew.

It was the nice man, who would walk with the girl,
that lived at the top of the street.
The one with the dog, that would drag them along,
While I'd laugh, as they hurried their feet.

He poured out the goodies into a small pile.
And pet me while he spoke my name.
"You like that, Bootsey?" he said with a big smile,
in that same silly, shrill voice again.

So I crunched away, while the man stood waiting,
with eyes fixed further up the street.
He turned and walked away, his eyes were still fixed,
as he sighed and quickened his feet.

I know what it is like to feel all alone,
when my family moved away.
Each night I would dream, they would come back for me,
From under this porch where I lay.

I liked the new name, the nice man gave to me,
and thought about it every night.
And in the morning, the cute girl up the street,
came along with her dog held tight.

She said, "Hi there Boots!", as the dog chased my squirrel,
as they quickly passed me on by
"I'll be back real soon, to give you a nice treat,
I'll be back she said with a smile.

So I waited a while and wondered a bit,
why that  man was not by her side.
Maybe he is still somewhere on up the street,
doing something for her inside.

But she came back alone, with food in a bowl,
and even gave me some water.
She scratched on my head, " Now eat up Boots", she said,
you are the size of your brother!

So when she bent near, Boots said, come closer here,
just then I whispered in her ear.
That nice man you're with, every now and again,
calls me "Bootsey"when he's here.

But you call me "Boots", and since I have no roots,
only this porch where I reside.
Couldn't you both, just please get back together,
and choose a name you both decide?

Once, I mentioned to her; he comes here alone.
I thought that you two were a pair.
So why don't you just wait, sometimes he comes late,
And he always parks over there.

And oh, by the way, I just thought I would say,
that since I've been here by this post.
When you are not here, he whispers in my ear,
that it's you, that he loves the most.

And he told me, "one day", if he had his way,
that he would bring me home with you.
And Sammy and I, could run and chase squirrels,
and we would all be happy too!

I would not be sad, because what I once had,
the ones that had left me behind.
Because you now could be my new family,
and I think we'd all be just fine.

And I know he loves you, because he too said,
a few things he thinks about you.
He asked me to tell him, when you come looking,
if you do love him as much too.

So I told him," I'll tell you, if you tell me",
which name that you will both decide.
Because you call me "Bootsey", she calls me "Boots",
here in Bellfonte, where we reside.

And please don't take forever, to make up your mind,
this porch can get real cold sometimes.
We could be together, with Sammy my brother,
then no one would be left behind.

S A Gibbins      8/07/2010
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