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My understanding of the goddess within.

I am beginning to see an inner truth that all women should know about themselves and yet do NOT.
I am beginning to see and understand the goddess inside me.
It doesn't matter about the package I come in.
It doesn't matter if I'm flawed.
It doesn't matter if I have a leftover baby belly or stretchmarks on almost every part of my body.
It doesn't matter if my arms are bigger than my father's, which I must say I HATE!
It doesn't matter if I am never going to be a "little" girl.
It doesn't matter if I have boy wrists.
It doesn't matter if I am bigger than you.
It doesn't matter if I am never perfect.
They say the eyes are the window to the soul.
I say it is my soul to which you must look.
You must see that I am inside the essence of goddess.
I AM venus, aphrodite, isis and more.
I am love.
From the opening of my eyes and heart each day.
I wish you well.
I wish you joy.
I wish you love.
I take your sorrow into my heart.
I give you back a sweet smile, a soft touch, a warm hug and understanding..
I hope for you an easy path with only enough hardship to know and appreciate your life.
What matters to a woman are the people she loves.
What matters to a woman is how she can make her loved ones lives better, easier, fulfilled.
What matters to a woman is how she can help and nurture and support.
What matters is her heart, her compassion, her soul.
When she opens her heart to you, to become your friend, your lover, your companion, she offers all that is good
inside her, all that is sometimes kept secret even from herself.
She offers you the GODDESS that she is deep inside.
PLEASE see, hear, feel, understand all she is and set her on the pedestal she deserves to shine from.
You will never know better love than that from the deep soul of a goddess.
So support her, uplift her, and encourage her to shine with her own inner light.
I am shining with mine.
I hope you will keep shining with yours and if you haven't started yet...PLEASE do!!
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